Unleash the Force of RRR to Claim Your Champion Status!

Unleash the Force of RRR to Claim Your Champion Status!

July 25, 2023 12:18 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on July 25, 2023 12:10

According to a new research Published in Forbes & Business Insider, 79% of people leave any company, business or network because they do not receive proper appreciation, rewards and recognition for their work or efforts. According to this research conducted on 100,000 individuals over 10 years, when they do not receive the praise or reward they deserve, they break ties with that institution or business. Some of these people are also those whose morale is broken at the very beginning of their work, sometimes by negative talk and sometimes by making fun of them.

In fact, every person needs energy, reward and recognition in their work, which we call R.R.R. (Triple R) in Galway business. This means recharge, reward and recognition. That is, every direct seller doing Galway business should be provided with energy for his hard work, reward for his achievements and recognition. We are proud to say that in our Galway business, every Galwian not only gets the gift of time and money freedom along with fulfilling their dreams, but also gets to face the power of R.R.R. so that they not only remain successful direct sellers but also emerge as role models of strong leadership.

All you leaders who follow the culture of R.R.R. in your team are all worthy of congratulations and for those who are expected new direct sellers, it is suggested that you promote the culture of R.R.R. in your team from today and now. Whenever a new member arrives in your team, welcome him with open arms and communicate positive energy within him, introduce him to everyone with a welcome letter i.e. fully recharge him. When a colleague achieves an offer through his tireless hard work and determination, becomes a certified trainer or takes promotion in fast track, then increase his morale by giving him appropriate reward i.e. give him a reward. And when one of your colleagues achieves a special achievement, give him the opportunity to establish his separate identity by giving him the opportunity to tell his success story on stage in Leaders Meet, Mega Presentation, Dream Corner Inauguration Ceremony or Power House. That is, give him the opportunity to make his recognition.

Remember, this culture of R.R.R. will create a huge series of successful leaders in Galway business who will transform your and our Galway business into a golden legacy that we can proudly hand over to our family for generations.

-- Shri Chetan Handa, Shri Sanjeev Chhibber

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