Galway Business Provided Vision and Mission of Royal Living- Pachuru Hanumaiah

Galway Business Provided Vision and Mission of Royal Living- Pachuru Hanumaiah

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Pachuru hanumaiah, a resident of Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, aspired to obtain a degree through education so that he could secure an ordinary job. However, Pachuru Pachuru hanumaiah himself knew that the degree he was striving for day and night by burying himself in books did not have the capability to fulfill his dreams in that job. Whether it was the dream of arranging grand weddings for his sisters, building a luxurious house, buying a luxury car, traveling abroad, or creating the image of a successful businessman in society, he longed for more than just meeting the household expenses and basic needs month after month through a job.

But they say when dreams are big and there is a determination to fulfill them, even God sends some means or the other. Becoming such a means, Kiran Reddy, a friend of theirs, arrived. She introduced them to the power of Galway Business. Anyway, Pachuru hanumaiah has been chosen as the Distributor of the Month. Let's find out the story of his success, in his own words.

Leaving behind my degree to embrace the Galway Business -

Pachuru hanumaiah says that when I was in my final year and was close to obtaining my degree, my friend Kiran Reddy inspired me to start Galway Business. When I learned and understood in detail about the Galway Business and its model, I was most impressed by the principle of providing equal opportunities to everyone in the Galway Business model. Thousands of Galwian from every religion, caste, class, and educational background had risen from the ground here and become millionaire businessmen. It was just that day, October 29, 2015, when I left my studies and joined Galway Business to obtain the highest degree of success. Today, I have a strong and wonderful team network that works day and night like me for success.

According to Pachuru hanumaiah, the approach of the general public towards network marketing is very negative. While every business has a certain percentage of failure, it's the same business that earns a bad reputation where success knows no bounds. In this business, when a woman who used to grow vegetables becomes a millionaire, many people cannot digest this fact. When an uneducated direct seller lives a life of time and money freedom, doubts start to arise among people. Some people fail due to their mistakes and blame the business. But I believe in always looking at the positive side. I have heard amazing and inspiring stories of successful people in the Galway Business and have become convinced that with such team leaders and business models, I too can become a role model of success. Today, not only am I a successful Galwian myself, but Galway Business has become a complete family business. My father is doing Galway Business at the ED level, and both my sisters are doing Galway Business at the SD and ED levels. This is the special feature of this business; whoever adopts this business becomes a part of their family.

A Journey Full of Achievements

Pachuru further says that just like in every field, there are rejections here too. But if you follow your team leaders completely and internalize the complete training module of Galway Business, then your success becomes a smashing response to rejection. Nevertheless, through this business, I have not only received incentives worth lakhs but also got the opportunity to change my life 360 degrees. Along with my social status growing, my personality and communication skills have also become stronger than before. Now I am proficient in about 6 languages (Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam) and am progressing towards becoming a role model of leadership.

Thanks to Galway Business, I have built a magnificent house worth 25 lakhs. I got my sisters married with grandeur. Today, I have a splendid car, bike, and millions worth of gold property along with a luxurious home. Thanks to the company's travel bonus, I have traveled abroad to Bangkok and Turkey. It was through Galway Business that I got the opportunity to travel by air for the first time. Besides, I have also been to Goa many times thanks to the car bonus. In the same way, I have also bought a Maruti Suzuki Nexa car and a Yamaha R15 bike through the car bonus. Through this business, I have also gained money and time freedom. Although almost all my dreams have come true until achieving the LDD level, the big dreams that are left, I will achieve them as soon as I become an GDD. I have big dreams, but I have complete faith in Galway Business.

Successful Leaders are Made Through Training and Motivation

According to Pachuru, I am a master trainer in this business and conduct training of all kinds, from online to offline. I provide business plans to at least 30 people a month. I have always followed the training given by my seniors and provide proper training to my team. To motivate the team, we continuously offer attractive offers under the FAF culture, and rewards are also given to the partners who perform better. I advise all my Galwian partners to follow this work culture and also apply it in their network.

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