We understand your aspirations for beautiful looks. “Rupabham” will fulfil your dream. “Rubpabham” is an effort of ours to enhance your beauty. Its originality is embedded in the combination of two words – RUP (रूप) as ‘look’ & ABHAM (आभम) as ‘glow’. These products are made for your need also as per the seasonal and environmental conditions. Founded on the multiple ideals of beauty, Rupabham combines natural extracts and cosmetic chemistry to create exclusive formulas that nurture even the most sensitive skin. Rupabham offers a full line of skin, body and hair care products catering to men & women alike.

Natural Twist

Galway Natural Twist have three main characteristics- Simple, Organic and Healthy. We all want something that gives freshness to our taste and at the same time something which is grown by nature. Galway provides you with natural drinks and beverages which are made up of natural ingredients. With these features it has derived the name of Galway Natural Twist. It gives you a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy life. Galway Natural Twist drinks and beverages are made from the best stuff on earth. It has no preservatives or artificial color added to it.


Dantauram Is the dental care range of Galway. This product line offers safe dental solutions with enriched botanical extracts to naturally take care of, not only your teeth but the entire oral cavity covering the gums, roots and nerve as well.

Regular application of the product makes the teeth healthier and gums stronger. The idea of Dantuaram is borne out of the need to spread positive feelings for which there can be no better way than to protect and enhance the magical beauty of smile. We are committed to take care of your oral health and beauty. We take pride in the fact that our toothpastes conform to highest quality standards and are 100% vegetarian.


The ancient Nyaya philosophy describes characteristics of all created things in terms of 24 gunas, for instance, rupa (appearance), gandha (smell) or sparsha (touch). Srigunam is a blend of Sri (Male) and Guna (Quality), and the products under this rage are dedicated to men, promising to enhance their inherent, natural characteristics. We belief that men have lots of responsibilities outside due to which they are unable to take care of themselves. “Srigunam” is specifically designed for men grooming which fulfils all the need of a men grooming section. Srigunam products are designed to take tender care of tough male skin, besides ensuring confident and handsome appearance for men of all ages at all times.


Galway Nutriflow is the healthy choice for you and your family. It focuses on nutrients that are required on daily basis for a healthy living- Strength, Growth, Energy & Immunity. The Nutriflow range has been crafted with scientifically proven ingredients from choicest sources to meet every dietary needs for a healthy lifestyle. As against the predominant focus on meal replacement formula or avoiding food choices for wellness, Galway Nutriflow range emphasizes on supplementing diet to make it healthy and nutrition rich. For good health, consume the Nutriflow range every day and be healthier.


When we join Griha (Home) with Shorya (Pride), the result is an awesome product range that derives its strength and uniqueness from our abiding belief that "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." We want to make your life easier, and more beautiful. Glaze Trading India designed this category of products keeping in mind of your daily needs. We present you products which will clean your clothes, home and utensils. Cleaning these things were never easy before. Our laundry products clean your clothes gently without causing any damage and make the utensils look new.


We are inspired by natural beauty hence; we tend to add all the different varieties of flowers in our products for you. Kalkim do not only give you a natural beauty but also give you the floral fresh fragrance throughout the days. When a woman looks beautiful she feels good from inside and this gives you a zeal to make your dreams a reality and work hard to achieve it. This range is designed especially for women to embrace their personality in every step of life. Kalkim is inter related with flowers and beauty. This gives you a natural beauty because it is made up of all natural ingredients. Kalkim products have the fragrance of flowers which not only gives you a beautiful skin but also keeps you fresh. Understanding the cosmetic technology and the need of Indian women, Kalkim gives you the feel and experience of a beauty.


Agriculture requires the dedication of many of our natural resources, including land, water, and energy. When the quality and quantity of our natural resources degrades as a result of unsustainable practices, it's not only the environment that suffers-the viability of future agricultural operations is also put at risk.

Appreciating the growing importance of Sustainable Agriculture, Krisham is born. Our products are based on Biotechnology and offer to restore soil's health by incorporating organic matter back into the fields. Krisham bio-products are a true alternate to chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Galway Colourline is a specially crafted professional cosmetic range that satisfies the beauty aspirations of today’s women, of any age. This Diversified range with its innovative color concepts bring out the best in one’s inner persona and helps to create various aesthetic looks with ease. The collection provides array of colors to choose from to suit one’s mood, occasion & time while giving the best results every time. Collaborations with one of the top manufacturing units ensures consistency, quality and reliability with optimum price to suit every pocket. Galway Colourline strives to express beauty, the right way to honor choice and individuality while delivering quality that enhances your Glam quotient. This aspirational make up range is now ready & waiting to be in your Vanity.


Health is Wealth and for this Galway strives to manufacture products which are health related and along with that it is connected to Ayurveda. It gives you a better quality life and prevent disease to ill people. The products are made from precious ingredients of roots, stems, bark, seed, flower and fruit. These ingredients are then mixed with mineral extracts for a better and fruitful result.