Galway is an official trademark and logo of Glaze Trading Indian Pvt.Ltd . This identity mark, in short, represents not only the product offered from Glaze and the service standards attached there with, but in totality, represents the entire 'Glaze Way of Life'.

This unique brand identity covers every perceivable quality standard that manifest with Glaze and the people associated with them. It is often fondly referred as the symbol of lifestyle of the people associated with Glaze .

Considering the satisfaction of customers and the quality of products, Galway offers a range of special products that are symbols of purity and trust. It’s tagline 'For You Forever' is a symbol of our commitment towards your safety and care.

Galway’s identification revolves around the principle of Made in India, so we believe on age old trusted rare and exquisite herbs. The important ingredient for making products is obtained from the highest sources around the world. Galway's versatile and wide range of products are categorized as premium brands in Personal Care, Skin Care, Health and Nutrition, Home Care, Agricultural Care etc. This makes it different and special from others.