The Women Power of Galway Business!

The Women Power of Galway Business!

March 27, 2024 04:27 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on March 27, 2024 04:27

Yes, thousands of female Galwians have been flying the flag of success in Galway business for the last two decades. Today, Galway business is replete with examples of women breaking old social structures, discrimination and stereotypes to achieve success.

The way women are true artisans in any country, society, and home, similarly, in Galway Business, the women Galwians are true artisans of success, self-reliance, and genuine self-esteem. Galway Business has designed its remarkable business model in a way that women Galwians are shoulder to shoulder with other Galwians, creating a new identity of success, self-reliance, and true craftsmanship in dignity. The splendid business model of Galway Business has enabled thousands of successful women entrepreneurs to contribute significantly to women empowerment

On March 8th, International Women's Day is celebrated worldwide. On this special occasion, the current issue of Galway Newsletter is dedicated to every woman power in Galway who, breaking the shackles of societal, familial, educational, and economic inequalities, is not only standing on her own feet but also making her family self-reliant socially and economically.

Galway Business has thousands of successful women Galwians as examples. Let's meet three such women Galwians (Sudha Patel, Seema Kumbhar, and Maan Kunwar) who, facing storms against the wind, have shone like gold, becoming the epitome of success in Galway Business through their hard work and determination.

Sudha Patel
Star LDD (Ballia, Uttar Pradesh)

Sudha Patel, a resident of Ballia worked in Prayagraj with a job worth 25 thousand after completing a diploma in nursing. When she joined Galway Business on November 30, 2019, she already knew that to fulfill her dreams, whether it's buying a million-dollar house, becoming the owner of a luxurious car, or traveling to countries worldwide without worrying about time and money, a job would be the stepping stone. Therefore, she left her job and, through her brother Vivek Patel, embarked on a new journey with Galway Business.

Today, Sudha Patel, as a Distributor of the Month, is proud to be a part of Galway's Women Empowerment. Galway Business not only provided Sudha Patel with lucrative incentives but also the freedom to live with pride. As a successful businesswoman, she received the Indian Direct Selling Association award on December 20, 2023. She has also been honored with the Star LDD Award and Highest Check Achiever, among other recognitions, for sharing her journey on various platforms.

Sudha says that when she worked for a job worth 25 thousand after earning a nursing diploma and saving five lakh rupees for four years, her savings account had only ten thousand rupees. However, after joining Galway Business, her account now maintains a balance in lakhs, which is a common occurrence. Sudha, arranging comfort for herself and her parents with her earnings, is fulfilling dreams big and small for her family. She has also established Galway as a family business. Her brother is at the Star RD level, and her sister-in-law is at the ED level. While one brother, the late Vikesh Patel, achieved the ED rank posthumously, his daughter Arpita is actively involved as Sudha's niece.

Sudha is delighted with the Nominee Facility of this business, ensuring that her family will receive this business as a legacy after her. She feels secure that it will never make her family feel financially or socially insecure. Sudha retails Galway products through Galway Cart, franchise, and Galway Shop. Additionally, product training in the field, one-to-one presentations, power house meetings, and RRR activities are the secrets of success for her and her team. Her dream now is to buy her dream car, the Mahindra Thar, and take her parents on a Char Dham pilgrimage. Achieving the Europe trip, becoming a global diamond, and making downlines LDD and RD are her next targets.

Seema Kumbhar
Star LDD (Sambalpur, Odisha)

Seema Kumbhar, a resident of Sambalpur, Odisha, may be bound by the societal perspective of being a daughter, but thanks to Galway Business, this elder daughter of the house has not only fulfilled all the responsibilities of a capable daughter but also provided better education to her siblings, improved the family's lifestyle, and fulfilled her dream of international travel, starting from a small village.

In just seven years, Galway Business has transformed Seema's life by 360 degrees. However, the path to Seema's success was by no means easy. When she learned about this business from her neighbor Sunita, she was working as a high school teacher alongside her studies. Although her basic needs were being met, her dreams were still unfulfilled. When she embraced Galway Business, she faced considerable rejection. Being from a small village, people had many things to say, but with the support of her parents and husband, she not only achieved success but also overcame rejection and negativity.

Today, after joining Galway Business, numerous changes have occurred in Seema's life. She is the proud recipient of a lakh check from her village and holds the distinction of being the first girl to travel abroad. Influenced by this, her mother, Mrs. Brindabati Kumbhar (ED), and father, Mr. Jayaram Kumbhar (ED), have also become part of the Galway family. Seema, a Star LDD, is actively involved in Galway Business and has achieved success through business practices such as super retailing of Galway products, one-to-one business presentations, power house meetings, LCC training, and regular follow-ups with the team based on the company's system.

To motivate her team, she celebrates promotions and achievement days under the RRR program. Thanks to this, Seema has received recognition, such as the Star LDD promotion award in Delhi on her 20th anniversary, and the honor of being the No. 1 Bahubali LDD in Odisha in January 2024. Not only that, in the RD level, she has achieved the top check in Odisha (116940), and earned travel and car bonuses, including the achievement of a Thailand tour at the RD level.

Seema Kumbhar is now manifesting bigger targets and dreams, including a big network, a luxurious home, a luxurious lifestyle, and the dream car Tesla Model 2. She hopes to achieve the GDD level under the guidance of the company's founders, Mr. Chetan Handa and Mr. Sanjeev Chhibber.


Man Kunwar
Star LDD (Raipur, Chhattisgarh)

The power of thought is so potent that it can instill the courage to transform an ordinary girl, dreaming of a 9-to-5 job, into a successful businesswoman. Yes, Raipur, Chhattisgarh's Man Kunwar Star LDD (Raipur, Chhattisgarh) is a living example of this.

Before joining Galway Business, Maan Kumvar was a BSc student and pursuing an IT diploma. However, when she got the opportunity to understand Galway Business through her brother, she realized that with this business, she could become a businesswoman with incentives, time, and money freedom worth lakhs. This change in mindset has now placed Man Kunwar in the list of successful women in Galway Business. In just a few years, Star LDD Man Kunwar has purchased two scooters with her earnings from Galway Business. From being dependent on her father and brother for her small needs until yesterday, today, she has gifted a bike and a mobile to her brother while introducing him to the concept of women's empowerment. She has also built a luxurious two-story house in her village and owns the Indian Agro Associate franchise in Raipur.

Not only that, she has made her elder brother and sister part of Galway Business, turning it into a family business to make her family self-reliant. In Galway Business, she is recognized as an ideal leader. Therefore, before fulfilling her dream of becoming a Star GDD, she has set a mission target to make 10 people in her network ED and qualify them for SD Club through active promotion.

Her home has a Dream Corner through which she promotes retailing. She conducts about 11-12 one-to-one business presentations, 2-3 house meetings, and one mega presentation per month, along with training in about 11 types of business and products. Serving as a role model in her network, Man Kunwar guides her team to success through RRR activities.

Man Kunwar received an award from the founders at the company's 20th-anniversary celebration, and she has also received a certificate at the franchise meeting. Having achieved car and travel bonuses, Man Kunwar now wants to buy her dream car, Audi A8 L, and plans to travel to the Maldives. Seeing her hard work, determination, and dedication, it is not difficult to predict that she will soon fulfill her and her team's dreams.

Man Kunwar has successfully responded to the rejection encountered at the beginning of her Galway Business journey, and she gives the same message to her team – to maintain self-confidence and discover the path to success in Galway Business on their own.

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