Super Benefits of growing Marigolds with Galway Krisham

Super Benefits of growing Marigolds with Galway Krisham

December 09, 2022 03:52 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on December 09, 2022 03:52

If you want extra income with regular crop, then you can earn very well by cultivating marigold on vacant land. The demand for these flowers remains throughout the year, but there is a bumper demand for these flowers during weddings and festivals. The most important thing is that it can be cultivated easily in relatively less space. If you have even 1 hectare of land, then you can earn about 15 lakh rupees every year by cultivating it.

Marigold flower crop completely depends on the fertility of the land and the health of the plants. In this way, it is a very beneficial crop for the farmers adopting crop rotation. On the other hand, talking about its production cost, there is no huge expenditure in it. Marigold farming can be made profitable by using the products of Galway Krisham. Let us tell you which agricultural products will be used in this crop and how to do it.

Cultivation of Marigold with Galway Krisham Products-

• Mix 1 liter of G-Bio Phosphate Advance and G-Potash Advance in rotten cow dung manure at the rate of 400 to 600 kg. per acre for soil treatment and scatter it in the entire field.

• Mix 10 ml G-Bio Phosphate or G-Potash Advance per kg. of seed for seed treatment and dry it in shade and then sow it in the field.

• After 5 to 7 days from sowing apply 16 kg. Nitrogen, 32 kg. Phosphorus, 32 kg. Potash, 10 kg. G-Sea Power/G Prom Advance, 4 kg. G-Vam and 1 liter G-NPK.

• Treat the roots of plants by mixing 250 ml G-Bio Phosphate Advance or G-Potash Advance in 60 to 80 liters of water for plant treatment.

• Spray 1 liter G-NPK and 100 ml G-Bio Humic in 100 to 150 liters of water after 30 days.

• Spray 200 ml G-Amino Plus, 200 ml G-Sea liquid and 200 ml G-Sea liquid in 100 to 150 liters of water at the time of flowering.

By using Galway Krisham's organic products, you can increase the production of Marigold flower crop by many folds. In this way you can increase your income many times by cultivating marigold flower.

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