Permanent positive attitude made me the king of success- Shankar Sonwani (Star LDD)

Permanent positive attitude made me the king of success- Shankar Sonwani (Star LDD)

July 29, 2023 02:06 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on July 29, 2023 02:06

There is no such area in the world where there is no reaction, negative energy and obstacles in the path of success. But if you have a permanent positive attitude in your behavior, training and approach to people, then no one can stop you from succeeding in Galway business. Our successful Galwian Shankar Sonvani is a living example of this fact.

Shankar Sonvani is a successful Galwian who started his journey with Galway Business on December 21, 2014 and started giving shape to his dreams in no time. With the help of Galway Business’ excellent business plan, training modules and guidance from power leaders, Shankar Sonvani has become the distributor of the month for Galway Business today.

The inspiring story of their success in Galway business is a lesson for every Galwian that if you only focus on your goal like Arjuna, then you will touch the seventh sky of success. Let’s find out the inspiring story of their achievement of the Distributor of the Month position in their own words.

No time and money freedom in Job

Shankar Sonvani, who lives in Balodabazar, Bhata Para Chhattisgarh, used to work as a clerk in a rice mill in his own city before coming to Galway Business. While working all day to see people’s accounts and pay factory workers their money, it was not known when the day turned into night. There was money to give to others, but what was received in the name of salary was not enough for the household expenses. Another big problem was that while it was fixed to enter the factory, there was no place to go back home. After working 12-15 hours like donkeys every day, the income that was earned was like cumin in a camel’s mouth. Then the thought came to mind that if only there was a job where there is enough money and also an opportunity to spend time with loved ones. But life in the factory was like that of slaves, thinking about time and money freedom from there was also foolish.

Money and time freedom in Galway Business

They say Where there's a will, there's a way. After all the difficulties of the job, God finally gave me an opportunity that came as a key to fulfilling all my dreams and also brought the gift of money and time freedom. By joining Galway Business, I realized that if hard work is done in the right direction and on the right platform, you too can become a successful businessman. When I received the one-to-one presentation of Galway Business and saw the evidence of my senior Galwians’ incentive cheques worth lakhs, crores of cars, luxurious homes and foreign trips, and heard the story of their true struggles and successes from leaders in the mega business presentation, I began to believe that if I too completed the company’s basic training like other colleagues, followed leaders’ guidance and focused on retailing 100% of Galway products as users, then one day I too would tell my story of success from big stage to my team a new Galwian.

Permanent positive mindset and the right approach

My thinking and hard work paid off and today I have enjoyed a beautiful home, a decent car, 4-wheelers and a family trip by air thanks to Galway Business. As a role model for leadership, I also give this message to my team that you all become Star RD, DD and GD and don’t miss the star and create more lines because the most money in our business comes from following this business pattern and you also get fast track travel, car and house bonuses in the same way. At the same time, make your team achieve ED Club and SD Club so that your dreams come true at super speed.

Actually, I also had to face many types of rejection and obstacles on the path of success. Work stopped during the Corona period and the team was scattered too. But I remembered the training of our founder-director Mr. Chetan Handa’s permanent positive thinking. So I did not lose courage, did not kneel before negative people and kept fighting every difficulty with a permanent positive attitude. The benefit of this was that I did not even know when the bad phase ended. Today, my team and I are moving forward towards the goal of success with the mantra of being always positive.

Galway business is my Family Business

t is said that there is strength in unity and unity means that team work starts with your family. That’s why I made my Galway business a family business first and then the rest of the network kept growing rapidly. Today, my entire family is connected with Galway business. My wife is on RD rank today while 3 brothers are also doing great work on RD rank. We all are 100% users of Galway products and every member of our house gives a one-to-one presentation of Galway business to at least 10 people. And every new Galwian meets with their team, leader in power house, conducts product demo sessions and follows the complete process of making a distributor a complete Galwian with quick learner awards with RRR, trainer one award. Now, this culture becomes a business model for success in our network.

If you also want to become a successful person in Galway business like me, then follow the system of Galway business with complete honesty and dedication, not just become a distributor but become a leader and create a vast network of leaders in your network, so that you get time and money freedom and you can give the gift of golden legacy of Galway business to future generations.

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