Network Marketing: The Most Profitable Business in India

Network Marketing: The Most Profitable Business in India

June 01, 2022 11:40 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on June 01, 2022 11:40

Today, even though the havoc of Corona has reduced relatively, the danger is not completely averted yet. Obviously, we all have to adopt some such methods to deal with this, which will make us financially strong and sustainable. Let us first talk about how the past pandemic proved to be harmful to us and after that we will also talk about the solution.

As we all know that the corona epidemic has caused a big blow to the economy as well as the life of the country. Every business has seen the impact of that epidemic. According to the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the unemployment rate in the country has increased to approx. 7.3 percent. According to this research firm, only in April 2021 alone, 70 lakh people lost their jobs. This is the reason that the number of new employees joining the State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) showed a decrease of about 24 percent during the last financial year.

Unemployment Hit Every Sector
The unorganized sector in India employs about 94% of the country's population and contributes 45% to the economy. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has described this period as a risk to women’s economic and social development. This organization says that women have been most affected by this epidemic because most women work in sectors like restaurants, retail, factories, aviation, and hotels.
The world had seen an economic crisis in 2008 as well, but today's situation is many times worse since then. The report of the international rating agency Fitch says that India's GDP growth will be only 0.8% in the year 2021. And the worse news is that according to Moody's, another rating agency, our GDP growth will be 0 in the year 2021. And remember, when a country’s GDP or growth rate ends, that country also ends. There is no business and no flow of money. That means all zeros.
So this is the sad but true and scary picture of our economy.
Now the problem is known, the question arises what is the solution to this crisis? Is the solution hidden in these questions?

These Are the Questions.
• Is there any option that can give us financial security in that kind of pandemic?
• Is there any option that can provide a solid solution of employment for the people?
• Is there any option that can make the country's economy more sustainable?
• Is there any option that can give people time and money freedom?

The ultimate solution to unemployment
The only answer to all these questions is yes. Yes, we have such a golden option that can save us from all these crises and the name of that option is Direct Selling business aka Network marketing or MLM Business.
The only solution to all our problems is the business of direct selling because where all the big businesses of the whole world have succumbed, it is the only business that is achieving success with the same speed even in lockdown. Like it was doing before or rather, it is growing even more than before. That is why network marketing is the Best industry.

Charting industry growth
Let us understand why this is so through both practical and data approaches.
First, let's talk about data. Friends, if you want to know how effective and profitable this business is, then you go to the website of The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations i.e. WFDSA, the organization that regulates the direct selling associations all over the world, where you will know that how millions of people have been made rich due to network marketing business. People have become self-reliant and how people have achieved time and money freedom.
This is such a business that not only fulfills all your dreams and after you give a payout to your family as well. Friends, because it is said that numbers & Facts do not lie and the data shared with you are all issued by government agencies and financial organizations.

Direct Selling is going to help in Reviving the Indian Economy
So let's talk about the facts and know-how our industry can become a support to the people and the economy of the country during this crisis. Friends, statistics show that there will be tremendous growth in the coming years of the direct selling industry. According to The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India i.e. ASSOCHAM, this industry will reach 25 thousand crores by 2025. Yes, this data is telling how golden the future of network marketing is. If we talk about the annual turnover of Glaze Trading India only, then in the financial year 2018-19, we had a turnover of about 850 crores.
Another financial report related to direct selling says that within the next 5 years, network marketing will do a business of $1 trillion, in which about $ 400 billion will be distributed in the form of commission i.e. incentives. Think and see that in the coming times when almost every other industry is going to be locked down, only network marketing business will be growing day by day and doing turnover of cr. At present, 74% of women are active in this industry, while men are 26% only, that is, this business is no less than a gold mine for women. Apart from this, there are 44.2 million people all over the world who work part part-time direct selling or network marketing industry and do any business or job with it.
Is there any business today that has such a bright future?

Galway Business (Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.) is the best option
So, here’s the right solution. Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. Is the top network marketing company in India 2022. You can say that it is the fastest growing network marketing company in India. Today we have more than 40 lakh independent distributors with us who are earning crores through Galway business, buying luxurious houses, and buying expensive cars. Today all of them are the owners of their businesses and they are getting the status of a businessman to lakhs of people with them.
The important reason for the strong survival of our business is that even if every business will be closed or under temporary lockdown, the supply of groceries i.e. everyday items will never stop. There will always be a need for people to cope with food and drink. Which we can also call essential category goods and most of our products come under the category of “needs” by the Government of India. Today, Glaze Trading India is manufacturing almost everything needed by the people. Personal Care, home care, Agriculture products, health-fitness, and kitchen needs. Almost every item is present in the form of Galway products. We are delivering this through both offline and online mediums across the country and our distributors are also earning huge incentives by making online orders and reaching the products to the people sitting at home. Therefore, the demand for such goods will never decrease, nor will the speed of our business ever decrease.

Network marketing is the most profitable business in India
Today we have a golden opportunity as Glaze Trading India as Direct Selling and as Galway Business. An opportunity that can change both the fate and the picture of the entire country. Who can improve the economy of the country? So go ahead and tell the youth across the country to women and men that there is no need to lose courage even in this difficult time because Galway business is for you. You all have a golden opportunity. An opportunity that will give you a lot of earning options and will never give you the fear of losing your job or losing your business. Can provide means of livelihood to lakhs of unemployed people.
You can start a Galway business with zero investment. Because it is one of the best network marketing companies in India. Today, we got such an opportunity where can help our friends, relatives, acquaintances, strangers, etc. so, go for the Galway business, go for the Network Marketing, the most profitable business in India.

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