Indian Direct Selling Business : A Thriving Career Option in India's Growing Economy

Indian Direct Selling Business : A Thriving Career Option in India's Growing Economy

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Direct selling is a form of marketing and distribution that allows independent representatives to sell products and services directly to consumers, bypassing the traditional retail channels. Direct selling offers many benefits to both the sellers and the buyers, such as convenience, flexibility, personalization, quality, and income potential.

According to the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA), the direct selling industry in India is estimated to be worth Rs 16,000 crore in 2019-20, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.1% since 2015-16. The industry is projected to reach Rs 64,500 crore by 2025, creating employment opportunities for 18.1 million people.

IDSA Annual Survey Report - 2021-22

As we all know that The Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) is an autonomous, self-regulatory body for the direct selling industry in India.

The Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) unveiled the latest survey results at the India Direct Selling Expo 2023, showcasing the growth of the industry in the year 2021-22. The survey reveals that the wellness category has emerged as the top performer, accounting for a staggering 59% share in the product-wise distribution of the industry.

According to the survey, India’s direct selling industry reported a 5.3% growth in annual sales, crossing ₹19,000 crores in the financial year 2022. apart from that Wellness and nutraceutical products dominated the sales registered by the direct selling industry in the country, according to the report.

The Indian Direct Selling industry registered a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13%, growing from ₹11,650 crores in 2017-18 to ₹19,020 crores in 2021-22. The share of IDSA members in the total sales of the Direct Selling industry stood at 55% in 2021-22. Of this the wellness and nutraceutical category contributed 59% of direct selling sales in India, followed by 22% revenue contribution by the cosmetics and personal category.

The number of active direct sellers in the country stood at around 84 lakhs in fiscal 2022, registering a growth of 6% from 79 lakhs in the previous fiscal. The industry comprises 56% of male direct sellers and 44% female active direct sellers. In fiscal 2022, this ratio has changed in favor of male direct sellers—as their participation jumped from to 56% from 53% in the year-ago period.

Big factors that are driving the growth of Direct selling industry in India

• The attractive income and entrepreneurial opportunities offered by direct selling, especially for women, youth, rural population, and marginalized sections of society.

• The rising demand for health and wellness products, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as consumers seek to boost their immunity and well-being.

• The increasing penetration of internet and smartphone users, which enables direct sellers to reach out to a wider customer base and leverage digital platforms for training, communication, and transactions.

• The growing awareness and acceptance of direct selling as a legitimate and ethical business model, supported by the government's guidelines and regulations for the industry.

Network Marketing Business: A rewarding & revolutionary career option

Direct selling is a rewarding career option for anyone who wants to start their own business with low investment, flexible hours, unlimited income potential, personal growth, and social impact. Direct selling also contributes to the economic development of the country by generating employment, empowering women, promoting entrepreneurship, and enhancing consumer choice.

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