How to increase Potato Production using Galway Products

How to increase Potato Production using Galway Products

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Potato is an important vegetable crop in the world. It is a cheap and economical crop, due to which it is called friend of poor man. This crop is from South America and carbohydrates and vitamins are found in abundance in it. Potatoes are grown in almost all the states. This crop is used for vegetable and for making chips. In India, potatoes are grown mostly in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab, Karnataka, Assam and Madhya Pradesh. Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, Ludhiana and Patiala are the main potato growing regions in Punjab. Most of the vegetables prepared in Indian kitchen are considered incomplete without potatoes. India comes third in the production of potato crop after China and Russia. The largest production of potato in India is done in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Crop Sowing - Potato crop is mainly sown in autumn i.e. in the month of October.

Major varieties of potato- 
Many varieties of potato crop are produced like Kufri, Chandramukhi, Alankar, Badshah, Sinduri, Deva, Sheetmaan, Lalima, Jawahar IF-5106.

Potato crop production with Galway Products
Soil Treatment - Before sowing potatoes, the soil of the field should be treated well. For this, mix 100-150 kg of rotted / alley dung manure / earthworm manure / ash / friable soil with 1 liter of biophosphate advance and keep it shade for 24 hours and after that spread it all over the field. After that plow the field.

Seed treatment – 10 ml G-Bisphosphate per kg for potato seed treatment. Treat the seed accordingly. After treatment, dry the seeds thoroughly.

Correct method of sowing – For sowing, the size of the seed should be from 25 mm to 45 mm. Try not to cut the seeds. Simultaneously sow the plant by mixing G-Vam (4 to 8 kg.) + 1-liter G-NPK + 100 ml G-Amino + 100 ml G-Bio Humic + G-Se liquid with chemical fertilizer at the time of sowing. Born healthy and disease free. You can increase the amount of G-Vam up to double.

So in this way you can not only increase the yield of potato crop but also effectively improve its quality by using the organic products of Galway Krisham. Through these wonderful products, many farmers have earned profits by increasing their potato yield. Now it's your turn.

Things to remember -
1. Do not use water while seed treatment.
2. While sowing the seed, keep in mind that the potato seed should not be wet or moist.
3. Use of Urea/DAP should not be discontinued simultaneously with the use of Galway Krisham product.

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