How to Grow Your Direct Selling Business with Social Media Marketing?

How to Grow Your Direct Selling Business with Social Media Marketing?

May 20, 2022 05:10 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on February 07, 2024 12:51

People often ask some questions about the future of Direct selling business in India. These questions are something like this:

Is direct selling a good business?

How to make money in direct sales?

Is direct sales business model is ethical?

What are the direct sales business tips?

What are direct sales marketing ideas to get quick success?

However, the solution to these questions is not hidden in the answer, but in the nature of the above-mentioned questions. Actually, until you ask the right questions, you will not get the right answers. So the right question should be what is the secret of success in this network marketing?

Moreover, the answer to this question is social media. Yes, if every direct seller uses all the social media platforms smartly, then success in the MLM business can be achieved. Now the question arises that how to grow your direct selling business with social media marketing?

So let us know the most logical and expert answer to this.

More than two decades have passed since the direct selling company came to India. Since its beginning, house meetings, mass presentations, product demos, seminars, etc. have been the main medium of its promotion. However, in the changing times and in the era of technology, networks in the direct selling business are now giving a new jump to their business by using social media. This is the reason that in today's date; more than 60% of the distributors go on social media to promote their business plans and product. After the Corona period, social media acceleration has increased so much that, you can approach anyone and show your business plan, give a demo of your products get product delivery at your doorstep without meeting.

How Social Media Helps

Today's era is of social media because more than 50% of the population of the country has been connected to social media. According to research on social media marketing, every third person in the world is connected to some or another platform of social media. Be it Facebook or Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, or YouTube. Small or start-up businesses consider only platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp suitable for online marketing. Apart from these platforms, there are more than 20 such social platforms, which are used by more than 30 percent globally for start-up marketing. Actually, most social media platform is available almost free. That is why today every businessperson is utilizing this social media platform for his or her business.

Digital Avatar of Galway Business

Actually, in a business, especially in the business of direct selling market, you need a big network and a big team. A team that connected you for seven 24 hours a day. Now, this is not possible in real life so social media has become a big requirement of this whole business model. The world's largest social media platform Facebook alone has approx... 2.5 billion Users. Apart from this, there are more than one billion users each on YouTube and WhatsApp. Think about it, when such a large number of people will gather at one place, then it is no less than a huge consumer's mine for any business. Where else can you find a better business market than this? In spite of this, if you are not able to sell your product among such large consumers, if you are not able to build your huge network, then it will be like missing an excellent opportunity.

About 40 lakh direct sellers from all over the country have joined our Galway business and this process is increasing continuously. In such a situation, if you also want to give your business that tremendous speed, then it is very important for you to use social media. Galway business has developed its business on the online platform long back. From being a distributor of Galway Business to getting Galway products from Galwaykart, handling every complaint with customer care, conducting online business training, attending virtual events, one-to-one, house, and mass business presentations digitally, and conducting life-changing programs, everything can be easily attended online i.e. through social media. You must be seeing Galway, getting technologically upgraded every day but we want every distributor associated with Galway business i.e. every Galwian to register their presence on social media platforms in such a strong manner that in the world of direct selling everyone should hear only one name and that should be Galway Business.

Strategies to Build a Successful Business

Today, YouTube has more than 225 million users in India and more than 350 million users are active on Facebook. That is, these two social media platforms are such places where you get billions of consumers to add to your team, sell your Galway products, and achieve tremendous success. You have to use these platforms from a business point of view and take your Galway business, success story, and great Galway product to these consumers, then you will see the result that your network and incentive will boom at a huge level, which would be unbelievable.

For this, first, you have to open your YouTube channel and Facebook account. In this, you need to upload product demos, their reviews, leaders meet, celebration achievers day, anniversary, business training, offer related information, sharing of new achievers, team introduction, and every detail related to Galway business on a day to day basis. You have to share the quality and specialty of your business with millions of users through your videos and posts. When you will promote your brand in this particular place, you can target your ideal customer. Through this, your product will go directly to the right people, which they can buy easily and join Galway Business.

For this, follow Galway official YouTube channel and Facebook page and learn how to share your business and training related videos, leaders meet product demos, motivational videos, new offers and newly launched products, attractive Posts on these platforms, and how to convey information to the vast network through videos and posts. When you take your business to such a large number of people, it will not only increase your name and identity, but you will also get potential team members from the areas where you are physically unable to reach.

That is, it is a free marketing and branding platform, where while sitting at one corner you can tell about the Galway business to the person sitting in any corner of the country and make him a part of this wonderful business opportunity. Many big companies are marketing themselves on social media in this way and increasing their network’s further growth.

Galway Business with WhatsApp

Apart from YouTube and Facebook, WhatsApp is also one of the emerging social media platforms in India, where more than YouTube and Facebook i.e. about 390 million users are active. This social media platform is very useful because here you make join anyone to Galway business through your smartphone because we have provided a great service platform like Galway WhatsApp service for you. We have already told you about the WhatsApp Business service. Similarly, there are many other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can create your profile on all these platforms and can take Galway Business to every user and team member who is connected to these social media platforms. Then see how your business reaches high success.

So, tell all leaders not only to use all the social media platforms but also to inspire every member of their team i.e. down line to become a user of all these platforms and guide them on how to be effective and how to use these social media platforms in an impressive way. Always remember that those who do business by adopting new technology while moving with the times emerge in the sky of success, and for those who run away from technology, success runs away from them.

Top 10 Social Media Tips to Grow your Direct Selling Business

1. Select the right social media platforms.

2. Nurture your direct seller Community.

3. Define the goals and objectives of your Business & Brand Promotion.

4. Promote and Publish Brand & business-related content/ offers etc.

5. Use social media for direct seller service inquiries and respond to reviews and complaints.

6. Follow the competition of MLM.

7. Promote and advertise your success stories and business trips.

8. Expand your network/team on social media.

9. Create a Facebook/ WhatsApp Group of selected team members to share online info regarding offers, seminars & other specific events

10. Focus on quality over quantity.

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