How to Boost Your Mental Health with Yoga and Meditation

How to Boost Your Mental Health with Yoga and Meditation

May 24, 2022 03:59 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on February 07, 2024 12:18

The key to success lies in a healthy body. This is the first and most important secret to being successful in any employment and business is to be healthy. Those who are healthy spread the most positivity and happiness in life.

Yoga and meditation help to connect with oneself. Yoga and meditation is the most effective way to bring happiness, positivity, and joy to your life. We have all kinds of feelings, reactions, and expectations in our lives. These can be both positive and negative. How you channel your positive emotions and control your negative emotions has a big impact on your life. Yoga and meditation help you to be successful along with the ability to control the positive and negative elements. It makes your body healthy and is effective in developing healthy thoughts in the mind.

The Importance of Mental Health for Well-Being

Although people often understand that being healthy means only physical health, physical health is as important as it is important to be mentally healthy. If you remain mentally healthy and strong, then no problem or stress will be able to overpower you. However, the corona pandemic has affected not only people's bodies but also their minds. According to a survey, the mental health of one out of every five adults during the Corona period has been affected by the epidemic. A survey by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science found that 2.7% of the population suffers from a common mental disorder such as depression. These figures show that the number of people suffering from mental problems in India is increasing very fast and in the coming ten years, one-third of the people suffering from mental problems in the world could be Indians. That is why Psychiatrists suggest exercise yoga, and meditation to get rid of mental issues.

Yoga, Meditation for Mental Health & Wellbeing

Yoga and meditation are one of the oldest meditation traditions on earth and have a wide variety of techniques. Yoga is not just a physical exercise, but it also includes meditation and spiritual qualities. Thus, yoga and meditation not only prove beneficial for the body but also enhance mental and emotional health. Yoga and meditation complement each other! So, always remember that Yoga and meditation play an effective role in your mental health only when done under a professional’s guidance. Not everyone can afford a guru, trainer, or healer for proper yoga and meditation. We can say the effects of yoga on mental and physical health are very significant. Now the question is how does yoga improve mental health? The best type of yoga for mental health? How can yoga help in dealing with the current health crisis we are facing today? How to boost mental health with yoga and meditation in India?

Galway foundation S.E.P. Program- Self Empowerment Program

That is why Galway runs special programs from time to time for its Direct Sellers, which help them to stay mentally healthy. For this, Galway Foundation's SEP and Life Changing Program is special because, under these programs, practices are taught and taught to boost mental health. Galway Foundation's Self-Empowerment Program (SEP) is a training program to help individuals achieve empowered existence through the discovery of their true potential and powers hidden in the mind, body, and soul.

Founded in October 2012, SEP is being successfully conducted through workshops in different cities by Spiritual Trainer and Mentor Ms. Romshri Ashesh. It has to date been held across 20 cities of the country and reached out to more than 38,000 people and developed 53 Master certified trainers & 243 Certified Trainers who are delivering this program to even the remotest corners of our country.

Thanks to SEP, people have received great help in overcoming physical diseases, emotional issues, and financial worries by using the techniques of the subconscious mind. SEP leads to an increase in the spiritual, social, educational, or economic strength of individuals. It is also about letting go, and eliminating what is making you unhappy. The program helps you increase the number of things you believe will make you happy. To do that, you have to get rid of the false, negative, and outdated beliefs that hold you in bondage to the past and prevent you from living an authentic life in the present.

Life-changing program

In addition to SEP, some time ago, through another special program of Galway, the Life Changing Program, thousands of distributors were taught effective and scientific ways to stay mentally healthy and fight stress. The biggest feature of this program was that this program was available not only to the members of the Galway business but to every person in the country and the world who is looking for an effective remedy to get rid of any kind of mental problem. This program was telecasted live on Galway's official YouTube channel so that everyone can take advantage of this wonderful program to bring a positive change in his or her life and move fast towards success.

In this wonderful life-changing program, where on one hand, through theta meditation, S.E.P. Prominent Ms. Romshree Manisha Ashesh helped to fight our mental disorders by taking us to a spiritual plane, by making us communicate with God, realizing our affirmations, removing all kinds of fear from the mind and changing the attitude of living played an effective role in positive At the same time, through panelist discussion, many senior direct sellers and members of the Galway not only shared sweet and sour moments with them, but also shared wonderful experiences related to removing many types of fears, doubts, and negativity from their mind.

Boosting Health with Motivation

The most important thing about this program was that on the one hand people got an idea of the power of yoga and meditation through theta meditation, while on the other hand, every member of the Galway family got an opportunity to understand the inner awareness, Karma, Kaam-Nishkam, power of the subconscious mind, Swarth and paramarth, mercy-charity, Dharm-Adharma to human values, through the company founder director Mr. Chetan Handa, Founder Director Mr. Sanjeev Chhibber, director Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja and S.E.P. Chief Ms. Romshree Manisha Ashesh.

This program aimed to strengthen mental health. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, being physically healthy is essential for mental health as well. Overall, this program was not only completely successful in the purpose for which it was started, but also after going many steps ahead, everyone took a decision to start doing meditation, and yoga to bring a positive change in their lives and understand the importance of mental health.

You can practice meditation every day. For this, you will need only 25-30 minutes. Sit in a quiet place in the house and meditate. With this, your mind will be active, your mind will be calm, your memory will be good and it will help you to become more confident. It helps you stay motivated and manage stress. If you do meditation every day then you can get rid of stress.

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