Which Products are Ruling the Network Marketing Business in India

Which Products are Ruling the Network Marketing Business in India

August 17, 2022 01:43 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on February 07, 2024 12:20

Products are the real heroes in the direct selling industry. The distributor who retails more products, he gets the most incentives and makes his dreams come true. Whether that dream is to buy an expensive and luxurious car or to build a luxurious house and travel the country and the world. Just as every industry has its own USP, the real USP of growth in network marketing is the products. You can understand its meaning from the word Direct Selling, Direct Selling means delivering the product directly to the customers. In this, all the work is done by a distributor because he markets the product and earns income by delivering it directly to the customers. In any direct selling company, any person can join as a distributor and earn money by retailing the company's product.

Now the question arises that which type of products are considered the most in the direct selling industry. Simply put, what are the product ranges that are giving direct sellers across the country an opportunity to earn handsomely?

Let us understand on the basis of data which product range is dominant in network marketing.

Bihar has the highest 55 percent people in the health care range. After this 22 percent people are getting employment from the products of cosmetics, skin and beauty range. This means that health and beauty care dominates. The good news is that the Galway Products are already established in all these categories. So in addition to these two product ranges, Galway products catalog has more than 200+ products from a diverse range of products listed and new products are being added all the time. At present, a vast range of products are available for Home care, Skin care, Personal care, Food supplements, Color cosmetic, Health and Agri products apart from everyday use.

Galway is the leader in Health & Fitness care
When it comes to health care, we have a slew of great products under our stellar product range like Galveda, Nutriflow and Natural Twist. Inspired by Ayurveda, the products in this splendid Galveda range from Galway are so great that they have hidden solutions to all health problems. Whether it is a matter of female health or heart health, blood pressure, anxiety, stress and tension, men’s strength and potency booster, prostate health, liver health and cough etc. The product range Galway Galveda, built on the principles of Ayurveda, contains extracts of the invaluable and healing properties of Ayurveda that focuses more on keeping you healthy than curing diseases. This range is the shield for your overall health.

Apart from Galveda, The Nutriflow range includes the products that we need every day to lead a healthy lifestyle. All the products in this range enhance our strength, growth and energy as well as boost our immunity system. The Nutriflow range has been designed keeping in mind the diet that we require for a healthy lifestyle, which contains scientifically proven healthy ingredients. This includes protein isolates, protein concentrates, specialty health drinks and juices, weight management supplements and super food supplements. The range has exclusive products for all age groups that are not only completely safe for long term use but also meet their general and specific dietary needs.

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Galway's Health & Nutrition Care Range

Top in Beauty and Skin care
Even in beauty and skin care, there is no alternate to Galway's great products. The Galway Rupabham and Kalkim range has a host of great products that take care of skin and beauty in a natural way. Coming to the Rupabham range, all Galway Rupabham products, based on various ideals of beauty, are natural and nutritious for the skin. Its unisex collection includes a vast array of top quality personal, beauty and skin care products for men and women. The range has almost every product for head to toe use like hair oil, shampoo, face wash, face cream, toner, scrub, body wash, body lotion etc.

Whereas the Kalkim range from Galway has been specially designed for women keeping in mind all the elements related to their personality, beauty, and sensuality. The range comprises a unique collection of personal care and skin care products with a sensual fragrance. In which day cream, night cream, BB cream, fairness cream etc. are prominent.

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Galway's Beauty and Skin care Product Range

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