Galway Nutriflow Galvita - Gift your Children the Super Power of Health

Galway Nutriflow Galvita - Gift your Children the Super Power of Health

September 23, 2023 04:43 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on September 23, 2023 04:43

According to research published on, the total adolescent and youth population in India is approximately one-fourth, which is about 25.30 crore. It is evident that these children are the future of the country. However, the sad part is that this age group is quite low in terms of nutrition and health indices. Changing food habits, lack of physical activities, and deficiencies in nutrients are causing today's children to become sick and malnourished even before reaching adulthood. This is hindering their physical and mental development.

According to data from the National Family Health Survey 2019-21, 3.4 percent of children under five years of age in India are overweight. India was long ago at the top in the world in terms of children being short for their age. Now obesity among children in India has increased to worrying levels and very soon it may take the form of an epidemic. This is because if both height and BMI are low, these children are more likely to become ill, and their life expectancy is also reduced.

According to scientists of the Indian Council of Medical Research, in many rich countries of the world including India, the height of urban children has reduced compared to rural children. More than 51% children in Delhi are unhealthy. India tops the Global Hunger Index in terms of vulnerable children. Not only this, every year in India more than 10 lakh children die due to malnutrition alone. According to another medical study, most of the children in India are deficient in nutrients like iron, iodine, vitamins and calcium.

In fact, there was a time when children's diet was rich in nutrients and this strengthened their immunity and they remained mentally and physically so fit that they did not need any kind of extra nutrition or food supplements or protein powder. Previously, children's diets used to be rich in nutrients, which strengthened their immunity and kept them mentally and physically fit to the extent that they did not require any extra nutrition such as food supplements or protein powder. However, today, even at a young age, children are facing issues like weak immunity, eye problems, fatigue, low IQ, respiratory and heart-related diseases, weak memory, and incomplete growth. In such a situation, if we want to strengthen our future generations from within and boost their physical and mental growth, we must provide them with health supplements filled with essential nutrients like protein, calcium, healthy fats, iron, vitamin D, magnesium, and phosphorus at the right time.

Galway Nutriflow Galvita Multi Nutritional Powder

Now the question arises that which nutritional supplement should be given to the child which will take care of their complete nutrition and prevent their mental and physical development from getting hampered?

The most effective solution for this is Galway Nutriflow Galvita Multi Nutritional Powder. This Galvita Multi Nutritional Powder is made with a perfect blend of health and taste. It contains high-quality whey protein, vitamins, minerals, and the essential DHA element that is crucial for overall development in children. Protein helps children grow, both physically and mentally, and strengthens their immunity. Vitamins and minerals in this product promote robust growth and enhance cognitive abilities in children. DHA, which is a type of Omega-3 fatty acid, supports the nervous system and brain development. Moreover, its alluring chocolaty taste is not only loved by children’s but also by adults.

Remember, when children receive proper nutrition, that's when their mental and physical development takes place. It's then that they can lay the foundation for their bright future with sharp minds, strong bodies, and boundless energy.

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