Galway Krisham- An Agricultural Solution and Crop Protection

Galway Krisham- An Agricultural Solution and Crop Protection

December 01, 2021 05:59 Created by Abhishek, Last modified on December 01, 2021 05:59

As per the recent study, more than 50% of Indian are employed in agricultural sector. Our farmers work very hard to get a good harvest, quality crops so that we get a good food served in our plate. Agriculture is the largest livelihood for the people in India. However, in spite of hard work by our farmers still crops get damaged due to various reason- rain, insects etc. To give a better quality crops and help our farmers in their cultivation Galway Krisham has designed its products in such a way that every farmer will love applying them in their fields. Below are those products:

1) G Amino Plus- It is an organic product helps in enhancing photosynthesis in plants. Since, it is organic there is no threat to humans, animals, birds or to the environment. It aids in the process of making necessary protein in plants and enhances photosynthesis in them. It is neither toxic nor harmful. It is non-phytotoxic which contains amino acids, helpful in the growth of plants. This also increases the process of pollination and the process of fruit formation in plants.

2) G Bio Humic- Boosting plant growth is very essential for good cultivation. For this Humic acid is helpful in the development of plants in the form of natural stimulants which increase the amount of metabolism and tissue elements in plants. This will also increase the fertility of soil. It acts as a natural protection and improves the better water holding power of plants.

3) G Sea Liquid- It is used to increase the yield and quality of produce in cereals, pulses, oilseeds, cotton, sugarcane, vegetables, fruits and ornaments etc. It acts as a crop protection in adverse climatic conditions and increase the growth of flower clusters. Helpful in the growth of crops after transplanting and in the development of root.

Crop protection is a complex of instruments, products, and strategies used to defend crops against weeds, pests, viruses, plant diseases, and other harmful factors. The Galway products do not cause any harm to the environment. It boosts farming productivity and there are lots of instances wherein our farmers have benefitted with these products. Without crop protection, including pesticides, more than half of the world's crops would be lost to insects, diseases and weeds. Crop quantity and quality rely on crop protection.

Crop protection keeps a farmer busy for most of the season; it begins during land preparation and ends only when the harvest leaves the land. During this time, the farmer can be confronted with unexpected challenges, and must react immediately to prevent weeds, diseases or pests from reducing crop yield. Failure to do so may even lead to complete crop loss. Technology can be of great help, but to ensure that a crop receives optimal protection, the farmer should walk the lands and visually check the plants.

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