Galway Kitchen Shakti spices - Spicing Up Health with Taste!

Galway Kitchen Shakti spices - Spicing Up Health with Taste!

October 31, 2023 12:28 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on October 31, 2023 12:28

India is called the land of spices. And, indeed, spices are an essential element. If life lacks spice, it becomes boring, and if there are no spices in the dish, every meal seems tasteless. Different dishes require different spices, enriching Indian cuisine. But, did you know that a handful of spices can help you fight many diseases? Yes, spices contain antioxidants and various other nutrients that can enhance the body's immune system, providing protection against several illnesses, according to NewsOnAIR from the National Institute of Health. A study conducted by the Herbal and Indian Medicine Research Laboratory department at Chennai's Sri Ramachandra University reveals that Indian spices can be highly beneficial for not only the heart but also various other parts of the body.

Introducing, Galway Kitchen Shakti

That's why in Galway business, both your life and health get tremendous spice. On one hand, the exciting offers and bonuses of Galway Business make your life lively and happy and spicy, while on the other hand, the new and wonderful spices of Galway Kitchen Shakti add flavor to your health. Introducing Galway's new spice range, Kitchen Shakti. In this you get a healthy and tasty pack of not just one but five spices in which there is a hidden treasure of taste and health. Which includes, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala and vegetable masala.

Galway Kitchen Shakti Turmeric Powder

Galway Kitchen Shakti Turmeric Powder is a treasure of health for your entire household. Packing is such that both taste and aroma remain intact. Prepared without any preservative, this powder completely meets all the parameters of 100% purity. The natural element called curcumin in turmeric helps in reducing inflammation. While effective in injury or sprain. It acts as a natural antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory. Also, turmeric can help in improving the digestive system, which makes it easier to digest food. It can be beneficial for diabetic patients. Also, turmeric is very suitable for the skin, because it has antibacterial properties.

Galway Kitchen Shakti Red Chilli Powder

Galway Kitchen Shakti Red Chilli Powder prepared from spicy and long red chilli is the main spice which adds delicious spicy taste to the food. Packing is such that both taste and aroma remain intact. Packed without any preservatives, this wonderful chilli powder not only contains flavor enhancers but also contains antioxidants which help in protecting against bad cholesterol. Besides, it also plays an important role in burning calories. This superb product, meeting all the parameters of purity, adds a new flavor to your food.

Galway Kitchen Shakti Coriander Powder

Galway Kitchen Shakti Coriander Powder prepared from the best quality coriander is a must have in your kitchen due to its culinary as well as medicinal properties. Equipped with luxurious packaging to retain both the taste and aroma, this coriander powder is packed without any preservatives.

This coriander powder, which stands the test of purity, not only enhances the taste of food but is also very beneficial for health. Coriander powder has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It may help boost heart health, digestive health and the immune system.

Galway Kitchen Power Garam Masala

A Blend of Rich Spices to Elevate Flavor and Boost Immunity. Crafted from Select Pure Spices, Its Packaging Ensures Both Taste and Aroma. Preservative-free, this aromatic Garam Masala adds a special touch to any dish. Beyond its delightful flavor, the diverse mix of spices offers numerous health benefits. From aiding digestion to reducing acidity and inflammation, this spice blend, containing cumin, cinnamon, and more, contributes to overall well-being. With ingredients like red chili powder, cumin powder, fennel powder, black pepper powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, coriander essence, clove powder, and cardamom powder, it's a holistic solution for your culinary and health needs.

Galway Kitchen Power Masala

A Blend of Health-Boosting Spices for Delectable Vegetable Delights. This Indian masala mix, a harmonious combination of various healthful spices, is crafted by roasting and grinding whole spices. Its distinctive aroma and exquisite taste elevate the dining experience. Prepared by blending cumin, coriander, red chili powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, salt, black pepper, ginger powder, and garlic powder, it adds a touch of culinary magic to your dishes.

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