Galway Business:  The Land of Dreams and Charisma of Achievement- Sohel Khan

Galway Business: The Land of Dreams and Charisma of Achievement- Sohel Khan

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There was nothing but sorrow in the life of Great Galwian Sohel Khan, resident of Dhanbad, Jharkhand, before coming into Galway business. Father used to roam from street to street selling biscuits to support the family. Even after running around all day, it was difficult to arrange food and drinks at home. While Sohel Khan himself was preparing for a bank job along with B.Sc., it seemed futile to dream big when there was no money at home to buy proper food and clothes.

However, when he got the support of Galway Business, he not only learned to dream big but with his hard work, dedication and passion to achieve something, he became a successful businessman of Galway Business. Today, he is filling his own as well as his family's dreams with the colors of reality. This is why today, as Distributor of the Month, his success story is being presented before all of you.

When Sohel Met Galway Business

Sohel Khan says that in the year 2012, my maternal brother introduced me to Galway Business. Coming here, I saw that despite a common education and background, people were making lakhs, living in crores worth bungalows, and enjoying foreign trips. At that moment, I decided to do this business and fill my life with all the conveniences of the world. That was the day, and today is the day; I haven't looked back. Today, I have a vast team that is inspired for success like me. Galway Business is my family business. Father Ahmadi Khan and wife Tabassum Khatoon are doing Galway Business at the PD level. I want to make Galway Business a golden legacy for my family.

Befitting reply to rejection

Regarding rejection and negativity, Sohel Khan says that, as soon as I joined this business, the strongest rejection I got was from the same person who introduced me to Galway Business. In fact, my maternal uncle's son not only left this business but also started forcing me to do the same. But I had to change my life by becoming a Great Galwian, so I promised my father that if I could not achieve anything in 6 months, I would leave this business. However, by becoming a star RD in just 4-5 months, I earned around Rs 38 thousand and showed my father that there is immense potential in Galway business. My seniors taught me that people will make fun of you, but you have to respond with your success, not with your mouth.

Dreams Achieved with the Support of Galway

According to Sohel Khan, before entering the Galway business, I used to think that dreams are those that come after sleep, but coming here made me realize that real dreams are the ones that don't let you sleep. My upline had made me to prepare a list of 21 dreams for me, and today, I can proudly say that I have fulfilled 19 out of 21 dreams. Today, I have two splendid cars, three bikes, and luxurious land with a beautiful house.

I have traveled abroad several times, including trips to Europe and Thailand, thanks to travel bonuses. Due to Galway business, I even celebrated my niece's wedding in grand style. This business has given me both money and time freedom. Now, my dreams have grown significantly. In the upcoming times, with the support of Galway business, I will achieve the Star GDD rank, earn the House Bonus, buy a dream car worth 2 crores and 15 lakhs, and aspire to become the owner of a private jet and a farmhouse. Dreams are big, but I have complete faith in the Galway business.

Success Comes Through Training

In this business, training is the most crucial tool for achieving success. I have always followed the training provided by my seniors and ensure that my team receives proper training. Whether it's online or offline, my team's training calendar never stops. I have become a certified trainer through the training provided by S.E.P. and have won the Dolphin Award. Every month, I conduct at least 5 one-to-one and 3 mega presentations. I enhance retailing through product demos and product training in the field with the team.In addition to this, under the RRR culture, I introduce offers to motivate my team, and rewards are given to associates who perform exceptionally well. Training is not just a process; it's a commitment to continuous improvement and success in our business.

No One Bigger Than the Role Model

Sohel emphasizes that in the Galway business, my success owes a great deal to my role models and seniors. They never let me feel alone in this business. I realized the power of a team only after joining the Galway business. My most significant role model is Mr. Chetan Handa, and senior Galwians Jahid Alam and Mithilesh Kumar Yadav play a crucial role in my success. To my team, I would say always maintain a positive outlook. In Galway business, success is not an individual achievement but a collective effort, and having inspiring role models and supportive seniors makes the journey more fulfilling.

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