Galway business taught the art of living with Pride & Prosperity - Mangesh Kumar (LDD)

Galway business taught the art of living with Pride & Prosperity - Mangesh Kumar (LDD)

February 15, 2024 11:25 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on February 15, 2024 11:25

As iron heats, strength it meets,
Gold in flames, brilliance it greets.
Diamond, cut with care, a spark completes,
In Galway's grasp, Golden destiny repeats.

Yes, indeed! Just as gold and silver form in intense heat and diamonds sparkle under the pressure of coal mines, similarly, shining bright on the path of struggle, Mangesh Kumar has become a Distributor of the Month for Galway Business.

Residing in Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh, when Mangesh embraced Galway Business on November 27, 2018, his eyes were already filled with numerous dreams. A dream of becoming a successful businessman, a dream of providing a prosperous life to his family, a dream of fulfilling all the passions in life, a dream of building a luxurious home, a dream of exploring the country and the world, a dream of buying his dream car, and a dream of turning his dreams into reality.

The power of thoughts

Although if dreams were fulfilled just by dreaming, every poor person in the world would be a millionaire. However, Mangesh Kumar had given shape to his dreams, but he had no way to materialize them. Like others, he was stuck in the rat race, seeking a 9-to-5 job after completing graduation. It was then that a college friend introduced him to the world of Galway Business. That's when Mangesh Kumar learned the right way to turn dreams into reality, and since that day, he has never looked back on the path to success. During nearly 6 years, he has not only realized most of his dreams but also manifested new ones.

The mindset of Mangesh Kumar, who once limited himself to just making ends meet after studying engineering, has become more liberated and visionary today. And why not? When an individual from a middle-class family becomes the owner of a business-class lifestyle, the power of thought and perspective towards the world undergo a significant transformation.

A New Horizon of Achievements

Thanks to Galway Business, Mangesh Kumar has not only purchased a magnificent home and a dream car like Mahindra XUV 300 but also has a collection of impressive bikes like Apache RTR 160 and Royal Enfield. Besides enjoying tours to various tourist places with his family, there have been several positive changes in his personal life beyond the incentives in lakhs, playing a crucial role in strengthening his social status. For instance, enhancements in his skill development, strengthening public speaking abilities, and improvements in his lifestyle, personality, and self-confidence.

Galway Business is my family business

This is the reason why Mangesh Kumar has turned Galway Business into a family business. He wants his family to experience the same 360-degree transformation in life as he has witnessed through this business. Today, Mangesh Kumar's three brothers and a sister are realizing their dreams through Galway Business. While his brothers Rajdev Patel and Angesh Patel are at the RD level, the third brother Akash Patel is actively engaged at the Star RD level, and his sister Radhika Patel is at the RD level.

Speaking about giving credit to the journey of his success, Mangesh says that Galway Business's excellent business plan, powerful training courses, and the 24*7 support and guidance of our upline and senior leaders have proven to be instrumental in helping me climb the stairs of success. Therefore, I follow the teamwork and retailing culture in my downline as well. In this context, I would like to mention that RRR activity acts as a super booster in Galway Business. If you want to expand your network deep and wide in the least amount of time, regularly engage in RRR activity within your team. I myself consistently release offers, plan trips with gifts and prizes on a regular basis.

Wealth with the Gift of Fame

Mangesh says that after wealth, when fame comes, the cycle of success is complete. When I was invited to the company's splendid anniversary program and honored on stage with trophies, certificates, etc., my chest swelled with pride in front of my team. Mangesh has overcome many more milestones in this journey of success. With the targets of GDD and Crown ED, Mangesh aims to buy his dream car, a BMW, and fulfill his mother's dream of building a dream house. Alongside, he is actively working to make his team successful. His only success mantra for his team is to set a 3 years’ target from today, work hard, people will try to reject you through negative comments, try to deviate you from your goals, yet if you keep your feet grounded like a pillar, success will salute you.

Mangesh Kumar's journey of success is not just a success story but an inspiration. Like a diamond shining under pressure, Mangesh has risen above challenges and stepped towards turning his dreams into reality. Continuing his journey, Mangesh has emerged as a beacon for fellow Galwians. Wishing him many congratulations for a bright future ahead.

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