Fast Track ED –A Super way to reach the  mountaintop of success

Fast Track ED –A Super way to reach the mountaintop of success

February 14, 2023 03:18 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on February 07, 2024 02:47

Dear Galwians, just as we have to cross small mountain ranges to touch the highest peak of success, similarly the way to reach the highest floor of success is found through small steps. Friends in Galway business also, to achieve the highest rank of success, many ranks have to be achieved step by step. Retailing of Galway Products and through leadership skills to grow a vast network. Only then you become a successful businessman and fulfill your dream of buying a car, a bungalow and traveling abroad.

If you want to become the most successful leader with super speed, then surely you will have to go through these stairs of success because there is no shortcut to success. Yes, you can definitely change the speed of your success from normal track to fast track.

The way we get many transport options like bus, train to go from one city to another, but those who have to reach their destination first, they move ahead of air speed. Similarly, in Galway business where other distributors take months to achieve a particular rank, you can achieve it in few months through fast track. As our Fast Track ED Achievers did recently and let everyone know that the new Champions of Galway Business has entered the fray.

Super Benefits of Fast Track in Galway Business

If we talk about the criteria for becoming an ED, then it starts with the rank of BD i.e. Business Distributor. Then begins the path of new steps to reach the pinnacle of success. In this episode, to achieve BD to CD rank, all Galwians have to do 300 PV business in 1 calendar month. After that to become PD from CD one has to do 1200 PV in 1 calendar month. Similarly, to achieve ED rank from PD rank (which is considered as Master's key to the pinnacle of success in our Galway business), it is mandatory to do business of 4800 PV in 1 calendar month.

This is the matter of normal track, which is adopted by those distributors who are not in a hurry to reach the pinnacle of success and make their dreams come true, but who have to make their business a golden legacy by crossing all the milestones of success in time, they become ED from fast track instead of normal track.

Now if we talk about the criteria to achieve ED through fast track, then it is mandatory for any Galwians to have RCD and take ED promotion in 0+2 months. Not only this, you can also achieve promotion from BD to ED directly. For this high fly jumping promotion, you have to do only 6300 PV business in 1 calendar month.

That means you have not one but many great routes to achieve this great rank, you just have to decide how quickly you want to succeed.

When fast track ED achievers got fast track RRR

Obviously, when you complete the race before everyone else on the track of success, you also get the title of winner and due recognition. All the Fast Track ED Achievers in Galway Business too were felicitated and felicitated by the Founder-Director of the company at a glittering event where almost all the senior leaders of Galway from across the country were present.

This program was the super celebration of the company's 19th anniversary. Yes, on January 4, 2023, when the 19th anniversary of Galway was being celebrated grandly at Siri Fort Auditorium, Delhi, those Galwians who were Fast track ED achievers were specially honored on the glittering stage of the celebration. These Shoorveer of Galway were specially felicitated by the Company's Director Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja, Senior Galwian Rajesh kumar modi and Janardhan Prasad Gupta congratulated them on this wonderful achievement. When the company appreciated their hard work and extra effort with a special mention, the Siri Fort Auditorium with the presence of thousands echoed with thunderous applause.

This fantastic honor and recognition gave everyone at the event a sense of the power that fast track achievement holds in Galway business. In this event, apart from Fast Track ED, Star GDD, GDD, Star LDD, LDD, Offers Winner, Best Franchisee and LCC qualifiers etc. were also called on the stage and felicitated. Some were awarded with a splendid trophy and some were rewarded with certificates. Many winners-achievers were honored on stage with different prizes like washing machine, LED, phone-tablet, blanket, trophy, certificate, shawl etc. But the most talked about was the Fast Track ED Rank Achievers. This was the reason why they were given the title of the fastest rising stars of the future and all Galwians were told to take inspiration from them.

If you also want to get the golden key to the pinnacle of success, then gear up for the superfast achievements of Fast Track ED and the door to reach the pinnacle of success in Galway business at super-fast speed will automatically open in front of you.

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