Enhanced Cultivation of Protein-Rich Soybeans with Galway Products

Enhanced Cultivation of Protein-Rich Soybeans with Galway Products

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Soybean is not only an excellent source of protein but also influences several bodily functions. It is an important food source with its botanical name Glycine max. Its main components are protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Soybeans contain 42% protein, 22% oil, 21% carbohydrates, 12% moisture, and 5% ash. It is a highly beneficial food substance for health.

60% of the world's soybean production occurs in the United States. In India, the highest production of soybeans takes place in Maharashtra. There is a Soybean Research Center located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, where research is conducted for improved varieties of soybeans. In India, soybean is typically sown during the mid-year, around the months of June and July.

The prominent soybean varieties include PK-772, PK-262, PK-416, PS-564, PS-1024, PS-1042, JS771-5, JS93-5, JS72-44, JS75-46, JS2JS235, and Pusa 16.

Soybean Cultivation with Galway Krisham:

• Before sowing the soybean crop, apply 400 kilograms of cow dung manure mixed with 1 liter of G-Bio Phosphate per acre of your field and spread it evenly.

• During sowing, apply the following quantities per acre: 8 kilograms of nitrogen, 32 kilograms of phosphorus, 16 kilograms of potassium, 10 kilograms of G-Prom Advance/G-SEA Power, and 4 to 8 kilograms of G-VAM. Mix them together and apply.

• After 30 to 35 days of sowing, it is advisable to uproot and examine some soybean plants to see if nodules have formed on the roots. If nodules are not present, then before one week of flowering, apply 12 kilograms of nitrogen and 10 kilograms of G-Prom Advance/G-SEA Power. Additionally, if necessary, you can also use 80 kilograms of gypsum.

• After the flowering stage, it is recommended to spray a mixture of 15 ml G-SEA Liquid and 15 ml G-Bio Humic in 15 liters of water. For every acre, mix 2 bottles of Amino Plus in 150 liters of water and spray. During grain formation, mix 15 ml of G-Amino Plus in 15 liters of water and spray.

Dear farmers, Galway Krisham Products are organic products that effectively work on the soil, seeds, plants, and flowers in the fields. Their use helps in protecting soybean crops from diseases such as blue beetle, semilooper, whitefly, stem borer, red mite, leaf spot, charcoal rot, and anthracnose yellow mosaic.

The benefits of Galway Krisham products

• They help in preventing diseases in the soil.

• They assist in the development of crops.

• They help in improving the quality of grains/seeds.

G-Bio Phosphate brings prosperity to the fields:

I have been farming for many years and grow various crops throughout the year. However, soybean cultivation is the primary focus for me. I believe that the development of a healthy plant can only occur when it receives sufficient nutrients right from the time of seed germination. To achieve this, I treat the soil before sowing soybean crops, and for this, I have complete trust in Galway Krisham products. Before planting soybeans, I use 1 liter of G-Bio Phosphate in 40 quintals of cow dung manure per acre, which has resulted in excellent outcomes in soybean cultivation.

Bhimaram Chaudhary (Rajasthan)

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