Enhance Potato farming with the Galway Krisham

Enhance Potato farming with the Galway Krisham

October 23, 2023 05:45 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on October 23, 2023 05:45

Potato is very popular as a cash crop in our country. Statistics say that potatoes are present in 50 percent of the vegetables served in the plates of Indians. Although potato is not a crop of Indian origin. It came to India from Peru and became so popular here that it became the king of vegetables. According to the report published in kisantak.in, India is the second largest potato producer in the world. This is the reason why it is being exported to 35 countries of the world. According to a report of the Union Agriculture Ministry, at present farmers are growing potatoes in 23.46 lakh hectares of land. More than 597 lakh tonnes of potatoes have been produced in the year 2022-23.

According to an article published in the daily e-newspaper jagran.com, one can increase one's income by sowing potatoes on time and producing more by using the right amount of fertilizers and pesticides. Therefore, you too can earn huge profits through their improved crops.

In India, preparation for sowing potatoes starts in September-October itself. Before sowing the potato crop, we must treat the soil and seeds, due to this the crop is disease free and with high yield.

Many varieties of potato crop are produced in India like Kufri Chandramukhi, Alankar, Badshah, Sinduri, Deva, Sheetman, Lalima, Jawahar IF-5106.

Potato Crop Production with Galway Products:

Mixing chemical fertilizers during sowing contributes to the healthy and disease-free growth of the plant. You can double the quantity of the fertilizer by increasing the dose

• Before planting potatoes, the soil should be well treated. For this, mix 1 liter of G-Bio Phosphate Advance in 100-150 kg of dung/street manure/vermi compost/ash/loamy soil, keep it in shade for 24 hours, and then spread it over the entire field. After this, do the plowing of the field.

• After soil treatment, for the treatment of potato seeds, use 10 ml of G-Bio Phosphate per kilogram of seeds. After treatment, allow the seeds to dry thoroughly.

• Once the farmer has treated the soil and seeds, it's time for planting. For planting, the seeds should be of sizes ranging from 25 mm to 45 mm. Try not to cut the seeds. Also, treat the soil with G-Vam (4 to 8 kg) + 1 liter of G-NPK + 10 kg of G-Prom Advance.

• After 30 days of crop growth, mix 1 liter of G-Bio Phosphate Advance + 10 kg of G-Prom Advance and apply both together.

• After 50 days of crop growth, mix 1 liter of G-potash + 100 ml of G-Amino plus + 100 ml of G-Bio-Humic in 100 - 150 liters of water and spray.

• After 70 days of crop growth, mix 100 ml of G-Amino plus + 100 ml of G-Sea Liquid in 100 - 150 liters of water and spray.

Important Notes:

• Avoid using water while treating the seeds.

• During the planting of seeds, ensure that potato seeds are neither wet nor moist.

• The use of Urea/DAP should not be stopped simultaneously with the use of Galway Krisham product.

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