Boost Your Okra with Galway Krisham

Boost Your Okra with Galway Krisham

March 12, 2024 12:17 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on March 12, 2024 12:17

The introduction of new techniques and exceptional agricultural products, has not only changed the traditional approach to farming but also empowered today's farmers to cultivate cash crops with advanced technology and outstanding products like Galway Krisham. Farmers are now cultivating cash crops with significant profits, leading to an increase in their income. This not only enhances traditional farming practices but also results in successful cultivation of various new crops. Essentially, gardening can significantly boost a farmer's income.

Ladyfinger, also known as Okra, is one such crop proving to be a lucrative option for farmers. In the previous edition, we explored how Galway Krisham's products contribute to better yields in mentha farming. In this issue, we will guide you on how to enhance the lush yield of Okra through the superior products of Galway Krisham.

As you are well aware, Okra is of immense nutritional importance, serving as a rich source of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, enzymes, calcium, potassium, and various other essential nutrients.

Dear farmers, the combination of traditional wisdom and modern agricultural innovations facilitated by Galway Krisham is proving to be a game-changer for your agricultural practices. In this edition, we will share insights on how to enhance the lush yield of Okra through the excellent products of Galway Krisham.

Benefits of Okra: A Nutrient-Rich Vegetable:

Antioxidant Properties: Okra possesses antioxidant properties, contributing to overall health.

Combat Fatigue: It aids in combating fatigue and provides a natural energy boost.

Diabetes Management: Okra is known for its qualities in managing diabetes effectively.

Antimicrobial Action: It exhibits antimicrobial properties, helping in resisting infections.

Anti-Tumor Potential: Okra may assist in the fight against tumors, showcasing potential anti-cancer properties.

In addition, we would like to inform you about how Galway Krisham products can contribute to improving crop yield.

Facilitating Plant Growth with Galway Krisham Products: Usage Methods

1. Field Preparation: During the preparation of the field, it is advisable to treat the soil. For soil treatment, prepare a mixture by combining 100 kilograms of well-decomposed cow dung manure, Keet-based compost, or fine soil with 1 liter of J-Bio Phosphate Advanced. Keep this mixture in shade for 24 hours. After 24 hours, apply it to the field and plow the field.

2. Seed Treatment: When discussing seed treatment, it's essential to keep in mind that it can be done in two ways—either with water or without water.

Note: Seeds smaller in size than wheat grains should be treated without water.

Take 1 kilogram of okra seeds and mix them with 10 milliliters of G-Bio Phosphate Advanced for seed treatment. Allow the treated seeds to dry in the shade for 30 minutes and then proceed with sowing.

3. Use of Fertilizer as Manure: According to the requirement, take DAP and mix 10 kilograms of G-SEA Power + 4-8 kilograms of G-Vam. Spread this mixture in the field per acre.

4. Farmer can take urea as per his requirement and mix it with 10 kilograms of G-SEA Power + 200 milliliters of G-SEA Liquid + 200 milliliters of G-Bio Humic for the optimal development of the crop. Spread this mixture in the field per acre.

5. During Flowering and Fruit Formation: When spraying during flowering and fruit formation, ensure that the field has good moisture. Whenever you plan to spray, make sure that 60-70% of the flowers and fruits have appeared in the field. Once 60-70% of flowers and fruits have appeared, you can prepare a solution of at least 10 milliliters or up to 15 milliliters in 15 liters of water for spraying. Spray either in the morning or in the evening, and avoid spraying during intense sunlight or high temperatures.

6. During Fruit Ripening: When the grains begin to ripen, before that stage, you can prepare a solution of at least 10 milliliters or up to 15 milliliters of G-Amino+ in a 15 liter tank and use it as a spray.

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