Be the witness of Historic & spectacular celebration of Galway's 19th anniversary

Be the witness of Historic & spectacular celebration of Galway's 19th anniversary

January 17, 2023 12:43 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on February 07, 2024 12:10

The New Year's sun rose in a glittering celebration of the Galway ke Shoorveer mega event. When thousands of Galwians conched the slogan of Jai Galway to celebrate the historic 19th anniversary of company. at the grand Siri fort Auditorium in the capital Delhi, the whole world echoed with the success of the Shoorveer. The morning of January 4th was memorable for all the Galwians for many reasons. On one hand there was an opportunity to celebrate the New Year and on the other hand the historic celebration of the 19th anniversary of the company was also being celebrated.

On the one hand, the company's Founder-Director Mr. Chetan Handa, Mr. Sanjeev Chhibber (who was virtually present) and the company's Director Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja, were gifted with excellent training and motivational sessions, on the other hand, RRR means recharge, reward and recognition energetic round.

Hundreds of winners-achievers were honored on stage with different prizes (washing machine, LED, phone-tablet, blanket), trophy, certificate, shawl in these spectacular rounds. This included star GDD, GDD, star LDD, LDD, offers winner, best franchisee, fast track ED, LCC qualifiers and SEP volunteer. Not only this, Delhi's popular dance performance group Aasma added colors of fun and excitement to the atmosphere through their colorful and energetic performance in this scintillating second season of Galway Ke Shoorveer. Even the cold morning of Delhi seemed pale in front of the warm spirits of the Galwians who came from every corner of the country.

The most important thing about this wonderful celebration was that every Galwians who participated in this event took new resolutions at the beginning of the year itself to make their team, downline and network successful and look forward to next year's anniversary celebrations. Took a resolution to drench the country with even bigger achievements.

Company's Founder-Director Mr. Chetan Handa, Mr. Sanjeev Chhibber, Director Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja, CEO Mr. Ashwani Arora, Sr. General Manager Mr. Kush Kumar, General Manager Pradeep Gupta and IT Head Abhishek Singh Johri along with Many senior officers and employees were present.

In Galway's Shoorveer event, Mr. Chetan Handa highlighted the company's brand value and proud achievements and told how our company is establishing a distinct supremacy in the world of direct selling by following international safety standards. Not only this, he gave many inspiring stories and informative success stories to convert the company's wonderful journey of nearly 20 years into a golden journey of 200 years.

On the other hand, Mr. Sanjeev Chhibber ji narrated very interesting stories in a wonderful session given through video call and encouraged all the Galvians to think positively, the importance of asking questions and winning every time by defeating difficulties.

Apart from this, the company's director Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja discussed in detail on the 7 'S' of success through his excellent training and presentation session. By threading every thread into beautiful stories and sharing of senior Galwians, a new energy was infused inside the Shoorveers. Meanwhile, many senior Galwians narrated their story of making their dreams come true through Galway Business and filled the spirit of victory in every Galwians present in the program. On this special occasion, the birthday of Senior Galwian Mundrika Gop ji was celebrated with a cake cutting ceremony in the presence of all the leaders and management.

Overall, the 19th anniversary of the Galway and the historic celebration of the Galway ke Shoorveer was a memorable one in many ways. Each of the Shoorveer, who were a part of this spectacular celebration of enthusiasm, energy and achievements, bid farewell with a determination to set new records of success.

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