A Tale of my Success in Galway Business - Bipin Sharma (LDD)

A Tale of my Success in Galway Business - Bipin Sharma (LDD)

September 30, 2023 02:22 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on September 30, 2023 02:22

The world salutes those Winners who, with unwavering courage, bravely face the most challenging circumstances. who, do not yield to poverty and adversity, nor do they extinguish the flames of their dreams. who, with relentless determination, turn their dreams into reality, refusing to let opportunities slip through their fingers. who, they possess a deep passion for contributing to their nation and society. While such winners are rare, they rise above with their hard work and skills, becoming synonymous with success and serving as inspirations for society. Bipin Sharma is one of them.

Bipin Sharma, a resident of Raipur, Chhattisgarh, quickly rose from the ground to the sky when he got the golden opportunity of Galway Business. Today, he proudly holds the title of "Distributor of the Month." Let's delve into his inspiring journey, in his own words.

From Struggles to Dreams

Before Galway Business, Bipin Sharma lived in a humble abode and faced financial difficulties. However, he had a dream of living a splendid life with his family in a magnificent bungalow, providing them comforts and luxuries. Although it may seem easy now, it was far from it at the time. Bipin recalls, "I used to study and earn barely enough to make ends meet by providing tuition to children while staying at home. With three sisters to be married off and the societal pressure to earn a respectable living, it felt like my dreams might shatter even before they could come true.

Then, I learned about Galway Business from my brother-in-law, Rajesh Kumar Sharma. As soon as I heard about it, a glimmer of hope ignited within me. I placed my trust in my brother-in-law and embarked on this business journey. With immense pride, I can say that for the past ten years, Galway Business has given me more than I could have ever imagined.

A Remarkable Decade

In Bipin's own words, the past ten years with Galway Business have been extraordinary. During this time, my life has undergone numerous positive changes. What was once a humble dwelling being now a splendid bungalow. I've celebrated grand weddings for my sisters. I've invested in property in cities like Raipur. From not owning a bicycle, I now have luxurious cars and multiple motorcycles. Moreover, Galway Business has elevated my lifestyle and status. Experiencing air travel, staying in 5-star hotels, and receiving recognition in front of thousands – all of this has become possible through this business.

It’s not over yet...

Bipin's success story is far from over. According to him, the height of his dreams keeps on increasing. He is determined to achieve the GDD level. Additionally, he has plans to build a splendid two-crore bungalow. He firmly believes that all his dreams will come true because he diligently follows Galway Business's training and is establishing a network based on the Go Deep-Go Wide concept as per the business plan. Furthermore, he has turned Galway Business into a family business, with his parents, three sisters, and brother-in-law actively engaged in the business. His elder sister is at the SD level, his parents at the ED level, his younger sister at the PD level, and his brother-in-law is working at the RD level. The journey continues, and the future holds even greater promise for Bipin.

How to beat Rejections

He shares that rejection is a common experience in their business, but his upline's sage advice taught him to handle rejection effectively. They explained that when people try to dissuade you from this business, they often secretly wish that you leave this path and do what they are doing, but they don't want you to succeed. He said, I am a Master Trainer who conducts everything from one-on-one sessions to mega presentations every month. Me and my team celebrates promotions and achievement days. Bipin and his team set targets or offers under the RRR culture and reward the winning Galwians with gifts and prizes. Today, he is a role model for his team, and his role models are Uday Kumar Sinhaniya, Dhirendra Agrawal, and Ranjani Kumari. It is with their guidance that he has reached this pinnacle of success. Therefore, he advises his team that the secret to success in Galway Business lies in following your upline and senior Galwians, who are your guiding lights.

Journeying Together Towards Success

In Bipin's own words, "The cornerstone of my success is the special role that Galway products play in it. From C.T.M. Cleanser, Toner & Moisturizer, Daily Vital, Hepa Protect, to all of Galway's personal and beauty care products, they are my favorites. My biggest dream is to leave the village and build a 2 crore bungalow in the city where my entire family can live comfortably. After achieving GDD rank, I aim to buy a Volvo XC90, priced at around 1.16 crores, and then plan a foreign trip with the whole family.

I believe that everything is possible in Galway business. That's why I tell my downline and team the same thing - never give up. Understand your own responsibility and work under the guidance of your upline. I claim that you will not only become a Distributor of the Month but also a most Successful Galwian.

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