Feel Fresh During Summer And Stay Cool With Galway products

Feel Fresh During Summer And Stay Cool With Galway products

October 08, 2021 05:06 Created by Admin, Last modified on November 03, 2021 10:44

The scorching summer heat is unbearable, but don’t let the heat beat you down. With just a few products you can stay cool in the summer. Just by making sure you keep you wear summer appropriate clothes, hydrate your body and stay away from the sun, you can keep your body fresh and cool this summer. Here are some of the Galway products which can keep you refreshed during summer:

1) Refreshing Bath Soap-  Give your day a cool start with Galway Rupabham bath soap. The soap bar is enriched with lemon to give you a fragrance that lasts all day long. Regular use helps beat the heat and in staying fresh all day long. The soap is suitable for all skin types and age groups. It gives moisture and revitalized the skin. Infused with shea butter it softens the skin and also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

2) Aloe Cucumber Ultra Moisture Body Lotion- It contains soothing Aloe Vera, which reduces irritation, redness and other sun related skin problems. This body lotion will keep your skin hydrated during summers. The mixture of Aloe Vera and Cucumber will treat your dull and dry skin. Cucumber cools, invigorates, refreshes and helps maintain skin's moisture. Buy body lotion online keeps skin soft, has healing and soothing effects on damaged skin and is also a natural sunscreen. The abundant antioxidants in Cucumber rejuvenate the skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth. It will give you freshness throughout the day.

3) Fruit Punch Body Wash- This is a refreshing everyday body wash that cares for your skin. It contains strawberry which gives you a relaxing experience. The delicate fragrance and nourishing ingredients will make showering time a delight. Its mild, gentle formula is kind to your skin and is suitable for daily use. This aromatic shower gel will give you soft, moisturized and youthful skin round the clock. It contains skin conditioners which deeply nourishes the skin. It gently removes dead skin while simultaneously promoting healthy cell turnover.

4) Green Lush Face Wash- Enriched with the ingredients like Cucumber and Aloe Vera it is one of the best summer skin care product that helps in preventing pimples, acne and dark spots. Face Wash is herbal based formulation which contains cucumber extract and delivers long lasting benefits in removing dust, dirt, pollutants and make up. Both Aloe Vera and Cucumber helps in giving a fair skin tone and flawless skin. It doesn’t just rid your complexion of all the icky stuff, it also sweeps away dry skin and other debris, helping to reveal a fresh layer of skin beneath. Your face becomes more even-textured with a natural glow.

5) Rose Skin Toner- The best way to look fresh throughout the day is a rose toner. It can be applied anytime and anywhere. It also contains chamomile and Aloe Vera which acts as a cooling agent. Rosewater helps maintain the skin's pH balance, and also controls excess oil. It is said to be ideal to beat the summer heat. Many of us do use rose water as a skin toner and in a facial especially during the hot months. It helps to hydrate the skin from within. Time spent outdoors in the sun and wind can cause roughness. Bring back a smooth, silky feel with Rose Skin Tone.


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