5 Reasons How Direct Selling Can Help In Bad Economy

5 Reasons How Direct Selling Can Help In Bad Economy

March 24, 2022 03:01 Created by Abhishek, Last modified on March 24, 2022 03:40

Economic growth is very crucial for any country however, due to this pandemic economic growth has taken a decline. As a result, many people have lost their job as a result unemployment issues are on the rise. People are suffering huge loss in business be it in any sector or industry.

Now one of the best way to overcome all the above issues is joining a Direct Selling business. Here, you do not have to invest huge amount and can start from zero. All you need is a good network and hard work. Also you do not have to do a fixed 9-6 shift and come to office daily. The best part of top Direct Selling companies is that you can do it as your side business, besides doing a job or even pursuing your studies.

Let us the know the reasons how Direct Selling can help in bad economy-

1) Curbing Unemployment- Unemployment is the most basic factor in a bad economy. At a time when businesses are not expanding as a fast pace, Direct Selling has been one of the only few industries, that has continued to make steady progress all over the world and helping people to earn money and make their ends meet. It is a hope for people who lost their job, loss in business overcome it and provide huge amount of employment to people of all age group.

2) Boost Confidence- Direct selling companies in India boost confidence of individuals and therefore leading the industry as well as the workforce involved, to a higher growth trajectory. It is an attractive option, and allows people to manage their own business with minimal outlay as well as generate an income. In fact, many of the successful Direct Sellers help other people to set up their businesses. This is a business of team work where people help each other to achieve their goal and gain profit.

3) Flexibility- One of the main attractions of working in this industry is the option of flexible hours’ people work at their own leisure and time, without being bound to strict timelines. This is the reason why people who are doing job still join Direct Selling business top earn extra money provided their fixed salary.

4) An Added Income Source- Direct selling is one platform that offers opportunities for additional income to a significant number of people and promotes micro-entrepreneurship. At present, over 5 million direct sellers are estimated to be connected with the industry. Besides, direct selling also imparts handy skills in sales and management, which can be used in general life routine, as well.

5) Contribution to the Government Treasury- The operating model for direct selling generates tax contributions to the government across its value chain. This comprises direct and indirect tax contributions through corporate income taxes, import duties, and VAT. These have created a significant social and economic impact in India.

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