The Extended Range Of New Products On Galway

The Extended Range Of New Products On Galway

October 08, 2021 03:51 Created by Admin, Last modified on February 07, 2024 11:16

With the motive to provide good quality products, Galway has added many new products in Rupabham and Nutriflow category. New category has also been added- Galveda and Galway For Men. These products meet your expectation and cause no harm to health and skin. Below are the new range added to Galway list:

1) Face Wash- Your skin is daily exposed to harmful pollution. With this, one may get unhealthy skin prone to acne, oiliness and dryness. Thus, the use of facial wash is inevitable in today's time. Face wash is an important part of our daily life. It is a routine chore for all of us to wash our face first thing in the morning. There are 3 face wash added in Galway Rupabham category- Fruit Punch, Citrus Blast and Green Lush. Augment with the goodness of fruit juices it helps in clearing away all the dust particles as well as moisturize and keeps the skin smooth and supple. It cleans the face without wiping away the natural oil. It contains Aloe Vera which is perfect for any skin type because it's natural, light and gentle. Dirt, oils and dead skin cells are all easily removed with an Aloe Vera wash. The surface of your skin will be purified and feel fresher. The deep cleaning properties of Aloe Vera unclog pores as well. The fruit face wash gives you a brighter skin tone and remove acne.

2) Body Wash- Bathing may relieve your stress especially when using a revitalizing foam body wash. Every bathing experience varies depending on the body wash used. Galway Rupabham has added 3 different body wash- Green Lush, Citrus Blast and Fruit Punch. Body washes will have a tendency to be less harsh than regular bar soap. This is because they will have less detergent ingredients in them that will strip and remove oils from the skin. If you have normal or dry skin, the lack of harsh chemicals will benefit your skin more than most bar soaps. Feel the freshness after every wash with a pleasing fragrance.

3)  Whey Protein-  Many people are concerned about their body. We all want to see results after long work outs and strenuous activities. One of the benefits of Galway Nutriflow Whey Protein is that it is highly bioavailable. What this means is that it is effectively absorbed and utilized by your body. Most of the other types available are inferior to whey when it comes to bioavailability. It comes with two different alluring flavor- Strawberry and Chocolate. Besides this its new product All Plant Protein has all the nine essential amino acid required for the body are present in this powder. These protein powder has the highest absorption level and gives tons of health benefits like building a strong immune system, supporting bone heath, controlling weight management and much more.

4) Galveda-  This range is inspired by Ayurveda herbs. There is various medicine in this category which are made of pure herbs. These medicines are beneficial to give you relief from stress, keep your heart healthy, solves mensuration problem for women, controls blood pressure, improves fertility for men. Besides these there is cough syrup to control cough and cold.

5) Men Grooming- All the essential grooming products for men are available here. There are shaving balm, hair styling gel, beard gel etc which enhances the look of men. The products are all of premium quality and meets the basic needs of men grooming.

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