20th Years of Triumph: Celebrating Two Glorious Decades of Unwavering Success

20th Years of Triumph: Celebrating Two Glorious Decades of Unwavering Success

August 22, 2023 01:07 Created by Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Last modified on February 07, 2024 02:14

Vision, purpose, determination, goal and good intentions. About 19 years ago, on August 10, 2003, a strong foundation of Galway business was laid on these principles.

Vision, to build such a business, through which the earned income can be distributed among the people associated with the business and can give them a life of self-sufficiency full of happiness and prosperity. The Purpose, to make Galway Business a golden legacy that every Galwian can successfully pass on to their future generations.

Determination, to establish Galway products as the most trusted brand by taking them to every household in the country. The Goal is to make Galway, the number one direct selling business in the country. And with Good intentions, to make continuous contribution for the welfare of our country and society through Galway Foundation.

How successful we have been on the test of these principles can be gauged from the unprecedented success of all Galwians and the golden and successful 19 years of Galway business. Not only this, the long journey of almost two decades of success is also a proof of the honesty and commitment of Galway business towards its Galwians. Congratulations and best wishes to all the Galwians who have been companions of this historic journey of success on the 20th anniversary of the company. 

Dear Galwians, Over the years we have crossed hundreds of golden milestones of success. This journey of success was started in 2003 with a few people and a small room and even though the beginning was small but on the basis of dedication and passion towards the goal, the company got the status of an incorporated company. Won International Award for Best Asian Brand including ISO of assured Quality.

Today we have more than 200 high quality products and new products are being added from time to time. The company has its own e-commerce website and its own manufacturing plant, Ananya Herbal. As much as it is a high class manufacturing plant, it has equally high standard warehouse. There are hundreds of franchises across the country.

Galway has a great business plan. To fulfill the objective of public welfare, Galway Foundation is providing financial assistance to the needy people across the country on health, education and other fronts. For this, the company has also received the India CSR Community Initiative Award in 2017 and the Asia Best CSR Practices Award, 2017.

However, even after crossing these two golden decades of success, we still stand by the principles of our vision, purpose, determination, goal and good intentions. We have full faith that all of you Galwians will continue to work shoulder to shoulder with each other to create a vast chain of true Galwians with you. We also promise you that with the same vision, mission and passion, we will continue our journey of creating new records of success.

-- Mr. Chetan Handa & Mr. Sanjeev Chhibber

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