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Galway On Whatsapp!

Galway On Whatsapp!

October 12, 2021 09:29 Created by Admin, Last modified on February 07, 2024 11:32

Now-a-days direct selling world the networking companies work through online business only. Galway business is active on all platforms, such as, E-Commerce, Online Website, E-newsletter, even Self-Developed Software . We have always connected our business with modern technologies and have made all Galwanians up to date with the advancements in their field. 

We have always been two steps ahead with others in advance. Keeping this tradition ahead. Now Galway has come up with Whatsapp service. With the advanced feature of whatsapp you can have your whole business in your favourite App- Whatsapp. Which means your entire business related problem will be solved with just one click. Not only this, with this service you can also take many help, like online support, complaints, Incentive Bonus statement, offers, bank & billing report, KYC, Galway kart and Galway shop related information will be easily available instantly. 

As we all know, time is money in the business world. And, if technology combines with the business then we can do maximum work in the least time. The saved time can be utilized in doing other important work or planning for the future. That's the reason we have  updated our Galway business for all the Distributors.

Another important reason behind bringing this service was during pandemic and because of maintaining social distance, we noticed that meetings, presentations, from product demo to training were carried out through virtual medium only. And, in that the most suitable and easy to use platform is Whatsapp. This App is popular in all areas, language, regions and sections. That's why we thought why not to make the experience of all Galwians easier. And develop such a system which provides convenience to all the Galwian by bringing their whole business right in front of their mobile screen. 


Galway Whatsapp Service- Easy to Use!

It's very easy to use the Galway Whatsapp service. If we talk broadly you can take advantage of this service with both Registered Number and Unregistered number. It will be advised to you that if you want to take complete benefit, you must get registered in the first place. We’ll start with the unregistered numbers. The steps are as follows:-

  1. Just send a message “Hi/Hello”  from your number to “Galway Whatsapp Service Group”. You will receive a welcome message. 
  2. You will see 2 options- Distributors and non-distributors.Choose accordingly.
  3. After selecting 2, you’ll see 5 options-
  • About us
  • Companies vision & mission 
  • Why join Galway
  • How to join
  • Galway kart status.
  1. If you choose the 5th option, you can register your number. 


Remember! to take advantage of Galway whatsapp service, you must remember some HOT KEYS. You can go back from the menu just by clicking 0 and # to directly go to the main menu. 

We wish all the Galwians best of luck and a great future ahead with the Galway whatsapp service. We hope and wish that you take full advantage of this service and earn more profits in the coming future. 

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