Galway Takes Care Of Body & Mind As Well!

Galway Takes Care Of Body & Mind As Well!

October 12, 2021 09:59 Created by Admin, Last modified on February 07, 2024 11:02

During the pandemic, after people get over with the second wave. It has been noticed that covid virus has not only affected people’s body but mind as well. Continuous lockdown or following guidelines to save ourselves from covid, threat of infection, threat of losing job, day- night coming bad news has not only given people mental stress but given fear and negative as well.

According to a survey, during corona time every fifth person is suffering from mental disease. Psychologists suggest that mental health is equally important as physical. Actually, along with social distancing, use of masks, washing your hands from time to time with sanitizer and soap and following other guidelines to protect from covid, people fail to protect themselves from negative thoughts that are coming during a pandemic. Rather you can boost your immunity by increasing your mental strength. At the same time, any affected person can recover fast if he/she is mentally strong. And, that's the reason psychologists say to have a healthy diet, stay away from negative thoughts and most importantly do exercise, yoga and meditation.


Tools to increase mental strength - exercise, yoga & meditation

It's really important to understand that yoga and meditation can only give effect if it's done correctly under some instructor's guidance. Also, it's not possible for everyone to arrange a personal instructor. Hence the director of company. Mr. Sarabjeet singh aneja came with a plan of starting a program to help all the galwians and other indians to give them mental strength and help them to fight against covid virus. This program will not only strengthen the mental ability of all the galwians , but they can take their help whenever they want.


Galway historical move

After having a clear vision in mind, our director involved our founder- director, Mr. Chetan handa & Mr. Sandeep chhibber. After everything was discussed the execution of the program took place. Under the guidance of spiritual guru and healer, head of s.i.p, sushri romshri Mr. Manish ashesh  

A theta session program was conducted for 40 days. Theta meditation not only gave mental strength to all the galwians but various ways were taught to them to fight against any negative thought. 

One noticeable thing is that theta meditation is a deep meditating position.these are basically theta waves that are extremely slow that help to heal us emotionally. It makes our subconscious mind more creative, increases inner peace and the ability to resolve our problems .that's the reason the live shows of the sessions were telecasted in the youtube channel as well.

One of the interesting and most important part of the program was that galwians not only realised the power of positive thinking and meditation, but they also got the opportunity to listen to some of the very useful thoughts and important lessons which will help in the coming future for sure. The thoughts were related to inner awareness, karma, work, power of subconscious mind, selfishness or charity, ethical or unethical and many more. People got really enlightened with these thoughts of our director, founder- directors and the one who led the sessions sushri romshri mr. Manish ashesh .

The prime objective of this program was to increase mental strength. Actually a healthy mind only resides in a healthy body. It's written in our religious books also that if we believe in religion, then body is the prime source of the religion. And hence we must take care of it. And maintain such a healthy lifestyle which enhances our physical and mental ability at the same time.

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