Benefits of Retail Shopping with Galway Kart!

Benefits of Retail Shopping with Galway Kart!

October 11, 2021 05:11 Created by Admin, Last modified on November 02, 2021 04:43

Daily monthly retail shopping is very usual & important in every house, whether small or big, rich or poor. But do you know? That shopping can change your life. By getting benefit we mean that you can shop at Galway Kart at very low prices as well as join with us as Distributors. This will give you not only your daily household items regularly at your doorstep but distributorship will also give a monthly income in Lakhs. 

 The Galway Kitchen Shakti Range offers you Organic pulses and spices and Galway Rupabham gives many personal care products. Apart from Home care, personal care, food supplements, color cosmetics, Kitchen, health and Agri products many products are available that are used on a daily basis. Galway Nutriflow is the one name that comes to mind when we think of health. All the products under this category give us power, growth, energy and a strong immunity system. Not only that, we also have Ayurveda inspired Gelveda Range. For house cleaning there is Grishoryam Range. 


How to get Benefit from the Scheme? 

 Now let's see how this scheme is going to benefit you by converting your small shop? First of all you have to become the Distributor which is free of cost. You just have to fill the form online .You just need to have an ID proof such as an Aadhar card or voter's I-card. 

 The minute you fill the form, your application will be received. You will receive a Distributorship number after that. The benefits you will get from the distributorship are:-

  1. You will get a Discount of 10 - 20% on all the Galway products. 
  2. You will get the High Quality products from Galway kart, which are far better than the rest of the products that are available in the market. Also these products are coming straight from us, i.e., the manufacturers, which means no mediator is there.
  3. You can get up to 10% of the product from your purchase every month. For example, you purchased for Rs. 1000 in a month, so products costing up to Rs. 100 will be free.
  4. Products Royalty- which means if you buy for the whole year from Galway Kart, you will get 25% lump sum Discount. 
  5. You will get all the products of your choice at your door-step. You just have to go to the Online Website of Galway Kart and place the order.
  6. Best customer Service will be given to you, which facility is not given in retail stores near you.
  7. On the 1st of every month, the company gives special offers to its Distributors.


Drawbacks of Retail Stores or Other Brands

 Now just think, do you get all these benefits at the Retail stores? Of Course Not. Actually other companies hire celebrities to endorse their products and pay them good money which they get from you by increasing their products rate. But we just use that money in increasing the quality of our products. Secondly, that money comes to you in the form of High quality products. For instance, all our personal care & skin care products are dermatologically tested. 

 One more thing is that if you are thinking that you can get the benefits only by becoming the Distributor, then it's not correct. Just like other Galwians, you can also connect with our business in other mediums & earn in Lakhs, buy a car and have a good lifestyle. Galway has offered the Best they could in the form of Galway Samridhi Plan. 

 Galway Samridhi Plan

 It is a wonderful Plan and its special feature is that - it is very effective, flexible, dynamic and rewarding. Each component is very well thought of. It's been made sure that distributors of each level should get benefit out of it.

 This is how Retail Shopping and a good business deal can be beneficial to you .Which will make your career stable and give you innumerous benefits in every possible manner.


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