Galway Helps New Businessmen and Educates People Side by Side

Galway Helps New Businessmen and Educates People Side by Side

October 11, 2021 05:48 Created by Admin, Last modified on February 07, 2024 11:56

The Galway Business was established considering the need of people, who are interested in a new business startup and are looking forward to a platform. Its been 18 wonderfully successful years that we have been in this line, joining more and more people with us. 

We have upgraded our plans For the benefit of those people who are willing to work with us. Under this upgrade, there are two parts- The development plan and the Retail plan. We understand that it is important to develop the business, But side by side, repurchase, and Retail is also required.   


Galway Education Hub- Helping all the Galwian anywhere, anytime! 

  The prime goal of education is Understanding and the goal of Training is PerformanceGalway Education Hub works just like an ATM, which is 24 *7 available for the Distributors. Any Galwian can share any knowledge with other Galwian at any point in time. It is actually very helpful for all the people who look forward to the fresh Knowledge in their stream. 

To use Galway Education Hub, just go to the Official Website of Galway. Then log in with your registered ID. After Loggin, you will see the Tab of Education Hub on the top Left. After Clicking the Tab you will reach the main page. You will see 13 types of features, and they are as follows:- 

  1. Training Registration - Through this, you can register yourself for the training going on by your company. You just have to select the desired tab & a new page will open. Then just choose the program you are interested in and register for that.
  2. Training Calendar - This tab gives you direct access to live chat with our Director. You can also get training from the senior leaders and tenners chosen by the company itself. In short, you get all the training in the form of a calendar schedule in this tab.
  3. Training Roaster -This tab gives you brief information about which trainer will give training at what timings. As there are chances that some training can be lead by you also. In that case, you can definitely check the training roaster.
  4. PowerHouse Registration -When you choose this tab, you can fill in the information required & can register yourself for the powerhouse. Also, you can get the powerhouse report to know your current status after filling in the blanks.
  5. Offers - It gives you the latest updates about the new offers available for the distributors.
  6. Social Media posters -It has all the posts related to the distributor’s achievements on various social media platforms.
  7. My Galway Home -  In this you just have to upload pictures of different areas of the home-like dining room, dressing table, etc, & whosoever will be most beautiful, will win the award.
  8. Achiever Corner - This corner is dedicated to all the distributors who have to achieve maximum profits and many certificates for their achievements.
  9. Tools - This introduces you to all the business tools available to help you in the business.
  10. Events - In these upcoming events are captured in the form of photos.
  11. Quiz & Tests -  In this, you can test yourself that how much you remember the training that has been done prior.
  12. BT App & Director meet -In BT App, you get to know about the company’s training programs, founder’s director’s motivational videos and the latest online training videos are also available.   

 In short, Galway Education Hub is a great platform available for you, that gives distributors each bit of information that helps them to earn more profits in the future.

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