New Careers For The New Generation

New Careers For The New Generation

October 11, 2021 05:41 Created by Admin, Last modified on November 02, 2021 04:38

In the 90s, the scope and stream of opportunities were very limited and restricted. The options were limited to ‘Science’‘Commerce’, and ‘Arts’

Most of the people used to choose Arts because it was the easiest option left. Having said that, the level of even ‘Arts’ was very tough then of our time.

As time passed in the late 90s, many other fields originated which were very attractive, helpful, comparatively easier, and containing more practical knowledge as well. These fields were called “Vocational Courses”.Some of the vocational courses are “Travel & Tourism”, “Multimedia”, “Computers”, “Stenography”, “Material management”, “Human Resource Management” and many more.

When these courses were introduced by the universities, all the students really got happy & optimistic for their careers as well. The reason being these courses are comparatively much easier to learn & hence scoring marks is also easy. Even now the students find it easy to do these courses. It gives a wide area of job opportunities to the fresh graduates. 

Then in the early 20s, With time, more fresh courses were introduced like, "network marketing", “Digital Marketing”, “Interior Designing”, “Web Designing”, and many more. Keeping today’s scenario in mind, those who choose these courses will have a brighter future. Going with the trend the demand for these streams will be very high.

Network marketing can be a career if you observe the following:

  1. Begin with MLM-Generally people doing good in this field & abruptly think that they can also succeed just like that.No, it’s not right, if you want to get the success you must start from MLM as a side hustle and slowly grow your business.
  2. Get some training-Its true that MLM companies often train new distributors. Or you can also join some online courses to educate yourself in this field.
  3. Find the right company-There are many MLM products available. You have to choose the right company, i.e., the product only then you will succeed in this field.
  4. Put in the effort-Many people fail in this field because they believe in a get-rich-quick system. But they forget that it is like any other business that requires a lot of patience, observation & dedication.
  5. Have tolerance for volatile earnings- Income for any business is like teeth of the saw going up and down. Obviously, the prime objective of any business is to earn profit. But, you have to be tolerant enough, if your earning fluctuates. This happens in every business, you can’t earn 
  6. Spend your earnings wisely- Once you have earned a little bit for your startup, it will not be wise if you put all your savings in your network marketing business in one go.The best way is to invest in activities that will directly produce revenue.

 Hence, Network marketing is a great career only if you observe the above-said things first. Be patient, & observe the market and make decisions very wisely & patiently.

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