Every Branch of Galway is made for a reason!

Every Branch of Galway is made for a reason!

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There is an old saying that the names should be kept according to one’s personality or its work, likewise “Gold-smith” works with Gold, “Milkman” who sells Milk, and so on. Likewise, Galway also names its wide range of products based on its purpose.

 In Galway Nutriflow, there are the products that we need in our daily life to live a healthy lifestyle and improve our power, development, and energy, as well as improve our immune system. The Nutriflow range has been crafted with scientifically proven ingredients from the choicest sources. Some of the products are Whey-protein, Soyway protein powder, Spirulina powder & much more.

Galway Grihshoryam,” Grih” means “home” & “shorya” means “Pride” has a range of home care products, including products ranging from dishwashing, home cleaning to fabric care. We believe in Hygiene & that it is linked with worship as well. The purpose of the products is to clean your clothes & utensils. In this category, we have dish-wash Gel, Toilet Cleaners & Air- fresheners, etc.

Galway Krisham consists of all the products that are essential to improve the fertility of the soil. Our products are based on Biotechnology and offer to restore soil's health by incorporating organic matter back into the fields. They are a good alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Some examples are G-bio Humic, G-Amino-plus, etc.

Galway Kitchen Shakti has a variety of food products, such as Toor Dal, Masoor Dal, Cumin Powder, Chilli Powder, etc.

Natural Twist are beverages that are simple, Organic, and healthy. They give you instant freshness and are born from nature itself. That’s the reason it’s named Galway Natural Twists. Some of the drinks are Green Coffee, Green Lemon tea, Aloe Vera Juice, etc.

Galway Srigunam, “Sri '' means “Male” “Guna '' means “Quality”.Srigunam is a blend of these two and this range is created for men. The products are made considering that men's skin is hard. Some Beard oil, Shaving Cream, Beard Conditioner & many more.

Galway Colour line offers a variety of cosmetics that are good in every sense such as quality, consistency, reliability, even affordability. Some of its products are Liquid foundation, Liquid liner, Nail Enamels, etc.

Galway Dantauram is a Dental care range that resolves not only your dental problems but the entire oral cavity covering the gums, roots, and nerves as well. such as Toothpaste.

Galveda has introduced many products such as syrups & tablets for better health & moreover all the syrups are ayurvedic as well which is great. Some of the products are Crdovas tablets, Aloe Giloy plus juice, Noni plus juice, etc.

Rupabham is basically a combination of “Rup” means “beauty” & “Abham” means “Glow”.In this, all the needs of Men & Women are taken care of considering weather & Environment. Such as Face wash, Body wash, Body lotion, Hand - cleanser, Galway Creme, etc.

Kalkim offers products that are essential for skin nourishment, such as BB cream, Beauty Soap, Day cream Etc. 

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