The Important Traits Of A Good Direct Seller

The Important Traits Of A Good Direct Seller

October 11, 2021 04:38 Created by Admin, Last modified on October 11, 2021 04:38

Succeeding in direct sales calls for a certain combination of personality traits and skills. Despite their apparent differences, the same personality traits and skills come in handy with all three of the business models:

  • Resilience and persistence
  • Strong work ethic and discipline
  • Ability to accept rejection and work outside your comfort zone
  • Enthusiasm

More people are turning to direct selling as an attractive career option. Indeed, there are now 91 million direct sellers worldwide. A key pull is the flexibility direct selling brings, enabling a healthy work/life balance. In addition, the sociable nature of the industry and the chance to discuss products that they are truly passionate about are other factors that are drawing people to this thriving industry. Below are some important traits to become a good direct seller in a direct selling company:

1) Vision and goals- You need a clear and specific vision of what you want to achieve with your business. And you need to define, in writing, your income goals, production goals, progress up the company ranks, and what having this business will do for your life and how it will feel. You’ll hear people refer to this as your why. Having this strong why will help you overcome the challenges you will inevitably encounter.

2) Product passion- A successful direct seller will always be passionate about their product and will use that passion as a source of motivation. There are a range of products available within the industry including cosmetics, cleaning products, nutritional products, homewares and paper craft supplies to name a few. With this breadth of choice, it's important to carefully select the type of product you wish to sell. Being enthusiastic about your product will ease the selling process - making it much more fun to continue expanding the business. The independence that is synonymous with direct selling means you have to be self-motivated and this should follow naturally if you are selling a product you believe in.

3) Empathy- Successful direct selling leaders inspire volunteer followers to achieve goals beyond their individual expectations. All of our Distributors and Consultants are essentially volunteers. Yes, they like, even love, the products as customers, but they choose to become sellers and business builders because they were inspired to do so. Empathy is the ability to see and feel the world as your listeners experience the world. It’s the key ingredient to successful, long-term inspiration. A leader’s followers need to feel and believe that the leader knows who they are, appreciates what they do and wants to help them better themselves in some way. True empathy cannot be faked over the long haul. One either has an empathetic personality in good times and bad, or one doesn’t.

4) Patience- Rome wasn’t built in a day and regardless of the model you choose, gaining mastery and building your business so that it provides a steady, reliable income take time. In Direct Selling, people often give up too soon, because their small initial checks make them feel unsuccessful. Patience is also helpful in your interactions with customers and prospects. Statistically speaking, it takes seven exposures before someone makes a buying decision. Learning to feel calm during this process can be a great help.

5) Honesty- The folks that are best at selling stuff are also honest. They know that shady deals lead to burned bridges that can multiply and cost a lot more than one client. Best direct selling company in India always impose their distributors to keep honesty in their business.

Finally, the best direct sales person know they need to go above and beyond to be successful. They like to set the bar high and are continually try to meet new goals.

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