Unleashing Boundless Dreams- Galway Business Makes it Possible! (Hirendra Thakur-GDD)
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Through strife's road, fate molds anew, 
Conquering nights, success they pursue.

Yes, this is the essence of success in Galway business. Today, through this business, lakhs of Galwians are shining like the sun of success by walking on the path of struggle and with this glow of success they are illuminating the lives of their fellow Galwians.

Hirendra Thakur is one such Galwians. Whose tireless hard work, determination to make a difference, Galway business plan and excellent training module have made them Distributor of the Month. Let's know, his success story, in his own words.

From dreams to struggle

When Hirendra Thakur, a resident of Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh, joined Galway Business on May 31, 2011, through his childhood school friend, he had no idea that what followed would be a dream-like story. According to Hirendra, before coming to Galway business, I was pursuing CA with B. Com and wanted to pursue a career in modelling. But for a middle class man working as a laborer in other's fields along with studies, it was a dream that needed a miracle to come true.

But he was only able to meet the expenses of studies, in such a situation, when he used to go to college, he would see that other friends come with expensive bikes and cars. Hirendra says that I also wish I had a bike, but I only had a cycle and my pocket was empty. I always used to think that life will definitely give me a chance to improve my life, from where I can overcome my poverty and make all my dreams come true.

Then Galway business knocked in to my life

Hirendar says, I got the opportunity I was looking for in the form of Galway Business. I saw that all types of people are successful here, whether they are educated or less educated, farmers or laborers, doing jobs or business. Seeing this, first of all there was a change in my thinking. I thought that whoever it may be, if he understands this business properly, completes the training and does the Galway business by following the footsteps of his upline, then he will definitely get success.

There is a lot of emphasis on learning ie training, so the things that I did not learn in school-college, I got to learn here, which brought a wonderful positive change in my life. Such as Communication Skills, Body Language, Dressing Sense, Positive Thoughts, Stage Representation, Team Work, Working for Dreams. Hirendra says I got many rejections in the beginning. But if you have faith in yourself, on your upline, on the education system of Galway Business, then your success is certain.

When dreams meet reality

Hirendra learned and understood the company's business plan and training. As a result, he made all his dreams come true. According to him, my first dream was to become an RD and get a monthly check of 50,000. After that my dream was to buy a bike. But when I bought the Renault Kwid Clyber car after becoming an LDD, I realized that no matter how big you dream here, it has to come true.

Even if it is a dream of traveling abroad in an aeroplane. I also did a Europe tour because of this business and Galway's travel bonus fund. In Galway business, I earned not only 50 thousand but checks worth lakhs in a month. Bought not just one bike but a luxurious car, 3 bikes and 1 scooty. There was a time when I wanted to make a career in modeling but today I am the brand ambassador of not one but more than 200 Galway products. I am also a role model for my team.

Galway Business has fulfilled not only my dreams but also my family's dreams, so I decided to make Galway Business a family business. Today my real brother Jitendra Thakur is doing Galway business on RD rank.

RRR - The secret of my success

Succeeding in Galway business is very easy if you follow your upline and training module. I do mostly one to one and mass training, as well as online training. Not only this, I have also achieved the Trainer One Award. In a month I attend at least 10 one to one, 3 house, 1 mega presentation. Also celebrate promotions and achievement days with the team, I love the RRR model in this business.

Be a role model and achieve success

Hirendra Thakur says that my biggest role model is my mother. I have learned from her that no matter what the situation is, one should keep trying. My upline also guided me and whatever I am today is because of my upline. A boy who used to work in the fields while living in the village and today earning lakhs by coming to GDD level, all this has been possible only under the guidance of my role models. Whatever the leader does, his network follows him. That's why we should promote the same culture which can take them along with you to the highest peak of success.

Today in Galway Business I have got a chance to make all my dreams come true with respect, money, time and money freedom. During the anniversary celebration of the company in Raipur, I got a chance to share and at that stage I was given an annual check of 16 lakhs of LDD level. Today, through this business, I have got everything that I had dreamed of. Now the journey of shaping new dreams and making them come true continues.

Glimpse of success

Achievements - Luxury car, 3 bikes and a scooty, Luxury house
Award - Trainer One
Foreign Trip - Europe Tour
Bonus/Offer - Travel Bonus Achiever
Dream Car – GT Mustang (around 80 lakhs)
Dream Country - Cuba
Biggest Dream – A Magnificent Farm House
Next Big Target – Senior GDD
Big Change in Life- Skills like communication, body language, dressing sense, positive thoughts, stage representation, teamwork strengthened
Galway Business - Family Business - Real brothers do Galway Business at RD level
My Team - My Strength - RRR - Recharge, Reward & Recognition
Power of Training – In a month I attend at least 10 one to one, 3 house, 1 mega presentation
Dream Corner - A wonderful dream corner is present in me and my team member's house.
Favorite Galway Products – Leanfitz Protein Drink Mix, SoyWay Protein Powder, and Daily Vital
My Business-My Strength - Master in Retailing
My Galway Business - My Galway Dream Corner, My Galway Kitchen
Success Mantra – Follow Your Dream
Message to the team - It is necessary to keep trying continuously to achieve your goal.