The caravan of success is driven by a luxury car worth 17 lakhs
Created on 2024-04-23 12:32:38 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Reflecting on the time five years ago, Galwayian Mr. Ayaz Ahmad recalls that even at that time when he took charge of the Galway business, people questioned him, asking where he was getting stuck and ruining his life. At that time, he and I had the same answer. I said them that you think I'm getting stuck today, you will envy one day. And today, the day has come when I have everything from Galway business, a luxurious home, a luxury car. Mr. Ayaz's entire family is involved in the Galway business. His uncles and three brothers are fulfilling the dreams of the family by doing Galway business today. Mr. Ayaz has acquired a luxurious house, a tractor for farming and a magnificent car worth 17 lakhs and 45 thousand, Kia Carens and stands proudly in front of his house. He says, "My family is a Galway family, and gradually all the dreams of my family will come true. Thank you, Galway!"