Thanks to the Galway Car Bonus- Sanjeet Kumar Yadav
Created on 2023-06-27 12:16:29 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Every enthusiastic Galway member enters the Galway business with the aim of working on this excellent platform to provide their family with a prosperous environment and for this purpose, there are various types of incomes available in the Galway business, which help a Galway member fulfill their dreams. One such income is the Galway Car Bonus.
With the help of this Car Bonus, Galway Leader Mr. Sanjeet Kumar Yadav has purchased his dream car, the Kia Sonet X Line (Top Model). Prior to this, Sanjeet Kumar had become the owner of five amazing cars through the Galway Car Fund. He bought this new car on the occasion of his marriage anniversary.
During the delivery of car, Galway leaders Mr. Mundrika Gop, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Paswan, Mr. Santaraj Kumar, Mr. Arun Kumar, and Mr. Sitaram Yadav were present.