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Created on 2023-08-29 12:59:19 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Amidst the cities of Bihar, a dynamic series of events unfolded, where Galwians and eminent leaders united to celebrate Achievers' Day, Promotion day, IRs meet and RRR activities engage in high-level discussions, and propel Galway's business initiatives. This tapestry of gatherings showcased leadership at its prime and illuminated the path forward for success.

Darbhanga– Galway Promotion and Achievement Day was organized in Darbhanga district of Bihar on 1st July 2023 with great enthusiasm, passion and enthusiasm. The event was organized courtesy of Galway Franchisee Satyamev Associates. On this occasion, Galway leaders Santosh Kumar Suman, LDD Veerendra Kumar, and Upendra Kumar honored Priyatam Kumar, Shankar Kumar, Jeetu Kumar, Vikram Kumar, and Ajay Mandal with shirts and pants. They also honored Sangita Kumari, Anamika Kumari, and Pushpa Kumari with attractive suits. On this occasion, Galway leaders Manjit Kumar, Uday Kumar, Puneet Kumar, Anil Kumar, Raukan Kandulna and all Galwians were present.

Patna- On July 9, 2023, Galway Promotion and Achievement Day was organized in the city center of Patna, the capital of Bihar. GDD Mundrika Gope, as the chief guest on the occasion, taught the Galwians how to achieve more achievements in Galway business along with respect. Rank promotion achievers were called on the stage and honored on this occasion. Many Galway leaders including GDD Naseem Akhtar, Star GDD Burma Yadav, LDD Faheem Anwar were present on this occasion of celebration.

Samastipur- Galway Education and Achievers Day was organized at Digital Power House located in Samastipur, Bihar. In this program where on one hand the Galwians were honored for their achievements, on the other hand they were also told about the ways to achieve more success in the Galway business. GDD Sanmol Kumar was present as the chief guest on this wonderful occasion of Education and Achievers Day. During this, many Galway leaders and Galwians including RD Rajkumar, Karan, Shashi, Subhash, Murari were present.