Pioneering Vision and Mission for a Royal Lifestyle- Baidyanath Gorian
Created on 2023-11-17 15:16:37 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Before Galway business, Baidyanath Gorain, a resident of Dhanbad, Jharkhand, was leading a middle-class life. He pursued a B.Com degree along with a course in animation in the name of education. As for his career, he worked part-time as a temporary operator in Aadhar card centers. In that job, he had neither time freedom nor financial freedom.

While having a degree could secure a job paying around 40-50 thousand, it didn't seem to fulfill his dreams of building a luxurious home or arranging grand weddings for his sisters. He couldn't afford to buy a luxury car or fulfill his dream of traveling abroad. As a result, he also worked in a shop that sold grains and seeds for the family. However, after working for 10 to 12 hours every day, he realized that this job didn't offer the desired financial rewards or time freedom.

His childhood friend Vinay Vishwakarma decided to venture into the Galway business. When Vinay introduced him to the potential of the Galway business, it didn't take him long to understand that this business could potentially make him a successful businessman. Nevertheless, the history of success was written for Baidyanath Gorain, who has been chosen as the distributor of the month. Let's delve into the story of his success in his own words.

Dropping out of Degree & Job for Galway business

Baidyanath Gorain states, "When I was in the final year of my B. Com degree and pursuing an animation course, I started hearing the stories of successful leaders in the Galway business through Vinay. What was common and appealing in all these success stories was that despite having limited education and resources, they were earning lakhs of incentives within just 6 months and traveling abroad. It made me realize that I should leave behind my degree and job and embrace the Galway business."

On January 18, 2013, I left everything behind and embarked on my journey in the Galway business. Today, my earnings are such that I can provide employment to several B. Com graduates and animators. I am now the most successful individual in my locality, and I have a strong team network.

The youngest successful Businessman

According to Baidyanath Gorain, when I heard inspiring stories of successful Galwians, I believed that with team leaders like them and the Galway business model, I could also become a role model for success. Today, I am not only a successful Galwian myself but have also transformed the Galway business into a complete family business. My younger brother is also doing business at the ED level. Nonetheless, through this business, I have not only earned incentives in lakhs but also got the opportunity to change my life 360 degrees. Along with growing my social status, my personality and communication skills have also become much stronger than before.

According to Baidyanath Gorain, thanks to the Galway business, I was able to purchase the Tata Nexon XZ+ premium dream car through car bonuses. When I spent 6 lakh rupees on my sister's wedding, my father swelled with pride. I consider this as the most satisfying accomplishment of my life, and I will always be grateful to the Galway business for it. In my list of achievements, there's also a fantastic Apache bike. Furthermore, thanks to the travel bonus of the Galway business, I've enjoyed two foreign trips. Traveling abroad by plane was my biggest dream, and the Galway business made it come true. I have achieved memorable trips to Thailand and Turkey-Europe.

In the Galway business, my most significant achievement is financial and time freedom. Although I have fulfilled nearly all my dreams up to the LDD level, my big dreams are yet to be realized. These include becoming an LDD like the great Upline Rohit Sharma and building a luxurious and perfect dream house worth at least three crore rupees and purchasing my dream car, an Audi. My goal is to achieve the GDD rank by 2024, and by 2025, there will be an Audi car in my garage. My dreams are substantial, but I have complete confidence in the Galway business.

Success via Galway Products & Training

According to Baidyanath Gorain. The secret to my success lies in Galway's excellent products and the robust training provided by this business. Today, I work as a certified trainer and conduct training for my team in both online and offline modes. I provide one-on-one business plans to at least 25 people every month. I have always followed the training given by my seniors, and Rohit Sharma is my role model. To motivate the team, we regularly offer attractive incentives under the RRR culture, and performers are rewarded. I advise all my fellow Galwians to follow such a work culture, and I am dedicated to growing my network and developing capable leaders within the team.