NMA AWARDS 2022 : Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja honoured with Network Marketing Entrepreneurial Excellence Award
Created on 2022-05-18 15:12:52 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

John Quincy Adams, former US President and Lawyer, has said amazing things about leadership. According to him – “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”

This is 100% true, because all the examples of great leadership that is seen and heard in the history of the world, have achieved success first by following the path of their dedication, hard work, sacrifice, struggle, and determination, then it becoming a role model and guiding others to success. Be it Gautam Buddha or Mahatma Gandhi. Same way, Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd., too, become a role model for success in the Direct Selling Industry in India. This is the reason why the Founder-Directors of the company are not only a unique example of leadership in themselves but are also planting the seeds of great leadership in the directors and senior executives of the company as well as in every distributor associated with Galway business. As a result, the company today has built up a vast array of millions of successful leaders.

Network Marketing Entrepreneurial Excellence Award

Today, we are extremely proud to share the good news with all of you Galwian leaders that Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja, the One of the Best Role Model in Leadership at Glaze has been honoured with the most prestigious award in the Network Marketing Industry also known as MLM. Yes, Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. Director, Mr. Sarabjeet Sir has been honoured with the 'Network Marketing Entrepreneurial Excellence Award 2022'. Let us tell you that on 15 April 2022, a wonderful program of 'NMA Awards 2022' was celebrated with great ceremony at Radisson Blu, Delhi's five-star hotel. This award is special in many ways because many senior leaders of many direct selling companies of India were involved in this prestige award but the real winner in this race emerged as the real winner, Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja, who proved that he is not only the most excellent and fearless leader in this MLM industry but also has the ability to become a winner in every race.

However, 'Network Marketing Awards 2022', witnessed enthusiastic participation by Direct selling companies from across the country, which honored the most renowned direct selling talent through premium categories of awards. Many eminent personalities from the fields of business, cinema and politics participated as chief guests in this spectacular program, including Shri Hem Pandey, former Secretary of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and Gadar- Ek Prem Katha fame Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel, Veteran Leader Surendra Vats, Network Marketing Trainer- Coach Deepak Bajaj etc. are prominent names. Apart from this, Mr. Amarnath Sen Gupta, CEO, Glaze, Mr. Kush Kumar, Senior General Manager & Mr. Abhishek Johri were also present on the occasion. In addition, all the leaders of Glaze's Delhi Urban team enthusiastically participated in this event and made everyone aware of the power of Galway business.

This successful celebration of Direct Selling Industry has been captured by a large gathering of media persons associated with various reputed newspapers, news channels, websites and blogs of the capital made appearances. During this scintillating 'Network Marketing Entrepreneurial Excellence Award 2022' which is organized by Real Art Picture, a leading video production house in the direct selling industry, when Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja was called on stage as the winner, the whole hall burst into applause. Among the booming applause of the audience, Shri Sarabjeet Singh Arneja received this magnificent award from the Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel and Shri Hem Pandey, former Secretary, Ministry of Consumer Affairs. The enthusiasm and proud smile of the urban team of Delhi present on the occasion could be clearly seen.

There is never a bad game...

Addressing the winners, celebs and guests present, Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja on his illustrious journey in leadership and in the direct selling industry said, “I have almost 25 years in the direct selling industry, during this long experience I have experienced many ups and downs. And even though today I don’t do active networking, but at heart I am still a true networker." He further said about the negativity spread in the network marketing field, "There is never a bad game, there are just bad players. This means that no game is bad, only the players who play it defame it. There is a danger of injury in football too, but it is not the fault of the football but of the player who is not able to play that game properly. That is why we have to correct the way we work in this business. If we put this business into practice with right ethics, best business plan, best products and right energy then no one can stop you from succeeding.”