Use of Galway Krisham Organic Products in Tomato Cultivation
Created on 2022-05-13 13:51:33 Posted By : Deepnarayan tiwari

Cultivation of Tomato which is used the most after potato and onion not only in India but all over the world. This is the reason that tomato is in demand throughout the year. By using scientific methods to grow tomatoes the farmers can get better yield of tomatoes and this will lead to improvement in their financial condition also. Let’s see how we can grow fabulous crop of tomatoes by investing less money.

Requirement of proper temperature in tomato crop

Tomato farming is done all round the year but this crop can’t withstand lots of moisture and frost. For good crop of tomato, the ideal range of day temperature is 18°C to 27°C and the range of night temperature should be 15°C to 20°C.

Hot weather has an adverse impact on the fruit and because of this the color and the taste are not good. Therefore, make sure that when you are growing this crop then the temperature of that area should be as per the requirement.

Along with appropriate temperature, suitable soil is also very important for good crop of tomatoes. Loam soil is considered most appropriate for tomato farming. Also the drainage should be good. As discussed earlier that more moisture can damage the crop so care should be taken to plant the crop in the soil that is well drained.

Galway Krisham Product Use in Tomato Cultivation

For excellent yield of tomato the soil needs to be treated in five stages. First stage is during sowing of seeds, treat the soil with Galway Krisham G-NPK, G-Vam and G-C Power.

When the crop is twenty five to thirty days old then the farmers should give the second treatment by spraying G-Bio Humic and G Amino Plus on the crop.

And after forty days use, G-NPK, G-Derma and G-C Power of Galway Krisham Products to treat the soil again. Similarly after forty-five days spray the crop with G-Amino Plus and G-C liquid of Galway Krisham. Fifth treatment is given after sixty days. For this spray G- Amino Plus, Krisham G-  pseudo  + and Krisham G-Bio Humic  .

If our farmer brothers use this process then we can assure that they will have an excellent crop which will be very helpful in improving their financial condition.