Leadership Meet 2023: Saluting new Energy and strong Leadership of Galway Business
Created on 2023-05-16 17:41:45 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Good leadership leads to better productivity, strong relationships, and success in teamwork - this statement by Swami Vivekananda is the key principle of success in the Galway business. Currently, within the Galway company, there is a large series of successful leadership that is not only creating a caravan of distributors in their team but also preparing a strong army of great leaders. This is the reason why the vast army of leadership is rapidly advancing Galway towards becoming the number one direct selling company in the country, through its impressive business plans, reliable products, and effective and exclusive training modules.

With the objective of honoring the culture of leadership, training, and success on a grand stage, an impressive event called Urja - The Leadership Meet 2023 was organized at the fabulous Hotel S K KLYDE Grand in Delhi (NCR). This two-day program from March 4th to 5th was special in many ways. On one hand, the leadership of Galway Business was recognized on stage, while on the other hand, leaders were trained to become better role models of leadership through many excellent and special training sessions. Senior Galwians from across the country, franchise owners, and zonal heads, including many senior officers of the company such as CEO Ashwini Arora, Senior General Manager Shri Kush Kumar, and General Manager Shri Pradeep Gupta, participated in this program, with senior Galwian Janardhan Prasad Gupta, Rajesh Kumar Modi, Rajesh Paswan, Mundrika Gop, Barma Yadav, Mahesh Kumar, Veer Singh Jat and others as prominent figures. However, as always, this time too, the motivational and training sessions of the company's founder-director Mr. Chetan Handa and Mr. Sanjeev Chhibber, along with the company's director Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja, breathed new life into the program.

Let's see what's special about the Leadership Meet 2023.

Why is product training and demo necessary

The auspicious beginning of this program started with the brilliant training and demo session of Senior Galwian Janardhan Prasad Gupta, where he emphasized the importance of demoing all Galway products for their retailing. He said that your job is not just to sell the product door-to-door but to become a brand ambassador for your fantastic Galway products and boost the product demo culture within your team. This way, when the team's product awareness increases, not only can you achieve retail growth through proper training, but you can also expand your network.

After Janardhan Prasad Gupta's magnificent and enthusiastic session, there was a fantastic welcome on the stage for Kush Kumar with applause and drums. During this time, he explained the theme of Urja- Program to all the present Galwians and explains the power of energy (Urja) in Galway business. After this, the CEO of the company, Ashwini Arora and Pradeep Gupta, and Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja were specially honored. Along with this, many senior dignitaries were also honored, inviting several senior leaders on stage to honor Rajesh Kumar Modi, Janardhan Prasad Gupta, and Rajesh Paswan, among others. Prominent among them are Mundrika Gop, Rajkumar Pandit, Pinkesh Kumar, Sanmol Kumar, Manish Singham, Sitaram Yadav and others. The ceremony of Deep Prajwalan (lighting of the lamp) was also performed between the splendid sessions of honor and success.

Gift of oath and honor for Zonal Head and Franchisee

The Leadership Meet 2023 remained true to its name of new thinking and strong leadership. Therefore, all the leaders who are considered the front command of leadership in the Galway business were given special honor in the program. This included the chosen Zonal Head and Franchisee owners by the company. These Zonal Head and Franchisee owners who came from all over the country were called to the stage one by one and honored by giving them certificates, and then the oath ceremony was performed, which perhaps happened for the first time in Galway's history. In this special segment, a commitment was made to promote ethical practices in the direct selling business and work with honesty, transparency, and morality.

Triple Gift of Great Leadership

After the oath-taking and honor segment for the zonal Head and Franchisee, it was the turn of the company's director, Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja, to conduct a training session on great leadership. This session was divided into two parts and was conducted on the first and second days of the program. Under this, Mr. Sarabjeet singh Arneja inspired all the leaders to understand the qualities of leadership, responsibilities, and role modeling for their respective positions, through interesting examples and motivational anecdotes, and prepared them for better leadership by encouraging them to understand the dignity of their positions.

After this unique session, not one but two wonderful sessions became witnesses to all our Galwians. The online motivational and training sessions of the company's founders-directors, Mr. Chetan Handa and Mr. Sanjeev Chhibber, were so effective and inspirational that the enthusiasm and eagerness on the face of every Galwian present in the event hall could be judged by their positive reactions. Both sessions inspired every Galwian to perform as the best franchisee, zonal head, and leader, as well as encouraged Galway business to become the number one brand in the country and the world. Along with this, many mantras for success in the Galway business were also given, emphasizing the right work culture and ethical practices in their network to all the leaders.

After the amazing sessions of the first day came to an end, all the Galwians danced to their favorite tunes and bid farewell to the first day of the program on a positive note.

Non-stop training dose of great and smart leadership

The program's second day was named a fantastic training session. As you all know, the main objective of the Urja- Leadership Meet 2023 program was to train all leaders in different areas, familiarize them with business practices and legal intricacies, and make them aware and trained with many such information, including tolerance policy and product training, which would help every Galwian become a great and smart leader and play an inspiring role in their success.

Therefore, the company designed various special training programs for only and exclusively Galwians, which were conducted by Sarabjeet Sir, along with Kush Sir, Rajesh Kumar Modi, and Rajesh Paswan Ji. Speaking of these special training programs, they primarily included leadership enhancer training related to legal awareness - MLM Law, Zero Tolerance Policy, Social Media Training, Cyber Fraud Awareness, GST Awareness Training, Distributor Policies, and many other necessary leadership enhancer training. After attending all these training programs, every leader's face showed a unique shine of self-confidence.

In total, the impressive Leadership Meet 2023 communicated the tremendous energy of great leadership within Galwians.