Jai Galway slogan echoes through the sky!
Created on 2024-05-13 16:59:00 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

As we stride, shoulder to shoulder, step by step,
We tread the path of winner, leaving competitors swept.

Balasore, Odisha, is a beautiful tourist destination known for its coastal ambiance, traditional cuisine, religious sites, and local culture. Since the morning of April 19, thousands of Galwians were marching in this tourist city of Odisha, chanting 'Jai Galway, Jai India.' The occasion was the celebration of Galway's 20th anniversary event, which was happening at Nocci Business Park.

The event was organized by Maa Associates (BBL) and Shri Maa Associates (SVR) franchises. The chief guests included Rajesh Paswan (Director - Education & Training), Manish Singham, Regional Head of Odisha, Sushant Kumar Samanta, Barma Yadav, Regional Head of Uttar Pradesh, Zonal Head Kiran Lakra, Mahesh Yadav, Santraj Yadav, Brahmanand Nath, Anil Kumar Yadav, Barma Yadav, Deepak Patel, Pradeep Kumar, M. Basant Kumar Behara, LDD Praveen Kumar Deep, Manoj Sotar, Sambhu Sotar, Dhiraj Kumar, Antu Manjhi, Tarun Kumar, Ashish Bag, Milan Kumar Midya, conducted by Brahmanand.

From January to March, all RD achievers received promotions. This included Somari Kumari, Mughal Khan, Anil Das, Anand Orion, Debasmita Naik, Santosh Bag, Sukhla Singh Shamal. All PD, ED, SD, RD, and Star RDs were honored on stage during the program.