Hundreds of Galwians found inner peace and spirituality in SEP's online training program
Created on 2024-01-30 16:27:36 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

In today's fast-paced world, giving importance to mental health and seeking moments of peace is crucial. Galway Foundation has been working for many years through its SEP to connect people with mental well-being. In this series, on 3rd December in Chhattisgarh under the leadership of Master Certified Trainer China Kaushal and on 10th December in Chhattisgarh, Certified Trainer Ramkishan Kaivartya provided SEP training to more than 600 people by connecting them online. Along with this, on 17th December in Orissa, certified trainer Sudhir Kumar provide online training to around 100 people. In this training, he explained to the people the importance of SEP and how to calm the mind, reduce stress and achieve a deep feeling of inner peace.