How To Get Splendid Crop Of Cucumber
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Till now we use cucumber the most, only in the form of salad during the meal. But this wonderful vegetable has many uses, it is very beneficial for the skin and the body. Due to this quality, cucumber is in great demand in the cosmetic industry and pharma today. Cucumber is also used as a medicine for stomach upset and constipation as it contains high fiber. In a way, cucumber crop is also known as a cash crop. It is cultivated on a large scale throughout India.

Cucumber growing season in India

It is a warm season crop and very sensitive to frost. Cucumber season in our country is from January to April. Cucumber seeds grow best at a temperature between 25-35 °C and require an average of 20-30 cm of rain.

 Major varieties and time of sowing

 Various varieties of cucumber are grown like Golden early, Cucumber 90, Pusa Uday, Pusa Khera and Pusa Sanyog. Cucumber is sown in the month of February to April.

Cucumber Cultivation with Galway Krisham Products 

• For sowing of cucumber crop, first of all it is necessary to prepare the field well. For this, mix one liter of G-Derma Plus in decomposed cow dung at the rate of 8 tons per acre and spread it all over the field.

• As per requirement, at the time of sowing mix 10 kg of G-C Power or G Prom Advance and 4 to 8 kg G-Vam together in DAP and use.

• After sowing of 15 days to 30 days mix Urea (half the quantity you have come up with) + 10 kg GC Power after + 200 ml G-Bio Humic + 200 ml GC with Liquid and apply in the field at the rate of per acre.

Diseases in Cucumber Cultivation 

If the cucumber crop is not taken care of properly, then the chances of getting many diseases like aphid, fruit fly, leaf-eating worm, anthracnose, bacterial wilt, powdery mildew, mosaic increases its a common cucumber plant problem.