How can your teeth be kept healthy and shining with Galway Dantauram Products
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Beautiful, healthy and shining teeth attract everyone. While the fragrant freshness of your breath boosts your confidence, bad breath and yellow teeth lower your confidence. If you have a bad breath problem, you can’t even talk to someone with confidence.

Often when we need to talk to our colleagues or our friends in a meeting, we hesitate, due to the bad odour emanating from our breath. This situation forces us to distance ourselves from our colleagues or friends. We start losing our confidence and therefore fall behind at our workplace.

7 Ways To Take Care Of Your Teeth

1: Brush Teeth Twice Daily.

2. Always use herbal Toothpaste

3: Brush Thoroughly.

4: Floss Daily.

5: Protect Your Teeth from Injury.

6: Limit Sugary Food.

7: Don’t Forget Tongue Scraping.

The problem of bad breath or yellow teeth is related to the toothpaste we use daily. In older days, people used natural products to clean their teeth. They then didn’t have any dental problem and therefore wouldn’t need to visit a dentist. But, nowadays, the fast paced life has left us with no time to think if we are using the right toothpaste or not. That is the reason why today the marketplace is full of toothpastes claiming to provide total protection for our teeth.

But do you know how dangerous can harmful chemicals present in these toothpastes be for your dental health? These colorful toothpastes available in the marketplace are full of different kinds of chemicals that are harmful not just for our teeth but also for our overall health. Consumers believe that brushing with a generous amount of these toothpastes available in different colors and flavours will keep their teeth shiny and bad breath free. But do you know how harmful is the quantity of fluoride present in these toothpastes for your children? Children tend to swallow the toothpaste while brushing teeth and therefore are always prone to an illness named Fluorosis which is caused by excess consumption of fluoride.

It can cause teeth to turn yellow and lead to cracks and holes in teeth. If you really want to take care of your teeth then only use toothpastes made out of natural products because Toothpastes made from natural ingredients are good for your teeth’s protection and health.

Galway Dantauram Toothpaste

To address this particular problem faced by our consumers, Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. has introduced two ranges of Galway Dantauram Toothpaste. One of them is Galway Dantauram Herbal Panchtatva Toothpaste.

5 magic herbs in toothpaste

It is made with natural ingredients like Neem, Miswak, Eucalyptus, Sage and Clove. Galway Dantauram Herbal Panchtatva cures bad breath, yellow teeth and weakness of gums while providing complete teeth protection.

Everyone can use this toothpaste, be it kids, old or young. The natural herbal ingredients present in this toothpaste keep your breath fresh and fragrant all day. Galway Herbal Panchtatva Toothpaste  is made up of all natural herbs and doesn’t leave any bad effect on teeth. Apart from this, Glaze has also made Galway Dantauram Green Gel Toothpaste keeping total teeth protection for its consumers in mind. This toothpaste kills germs present in teeth to trigger a fresh breath feeling.

If you too love your teeth and want to make them pearl-like-white and keep your breath fresh, then you should right away start using these fantastic products from Galway Dantauram Toothpaste . It will fill your breath with a fragrant feeling.

4 way to take care your teeth 

Don’t forget to use Galway Dantauram Toothpaste before going to bed every night.  

Always brush your teeth after eating sweets like chocolate, ice cream, cake etc.  

Don’t forget to brush your teeth after having Milk, Cold drinks, jal jeera etc. 

Stay away from Tobacco, Cigarette and Pan (beetle) as they spoil the teeth.

Galway Dantauram Toothpaste