Galwians had a great time on the Nature Zoo Safari in Rajgir
Created on 2024-03-20 11:17:44 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Rajgir's Nature Zoo Safari, situated between the Ratnagiri and Swarnagiri mountains, is one of the country's selected zoo safaris. On February 18, 2024, Sunday, Galwians had a fantastic time with the cheers of "Jai Galway Jai Bharat" amidst fun and adventure.

During this excursion, all Galwians not only observed various types of wildlife through the safari but also captured those precious moments while confidently stepping on the famous Sky Glass Bridge in Rajgir. On this occasion, Galwians also enjoyed rope cycling. Many Galway leaders, including Star G.D.D. Sohel Khan and G.D.D. Jahid Alam were present on this picnic tour.

This picnic tour was organized under the guidance of G.D.D. Mundrika Gop, Star G.D.D. Mithilesh Kumar, and L.D.D. Sanjeet Kumar Yadav.