Galway Leaders Organized Weekly Team Meetup & Galway Business Seminar in Delhi
Created on 2022-12-19 11:48:47 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Galway Business Seminar was organized at Galway Super Store, Janakpuri, Delhi. In this seminar, the leaders explained about products sharing, business plan, new offers, super distributor title etc.

During this, super distributor title achievers, rank achievers were called on the stage and honored.

On this occasion, Galway leaders Karan Singh ji, Inderjit Singh ji, Preeti Kalra ji, Neerja Jha ji, Suman Saini ji and all Galwians were present.

The Galway Weekly Team Meetup was organized by the Delhi team at the conference hall of Galway Super Store, New Delhi. In this meetup, Galway leaders provided their downline the keys to success in Galway business through unique trainings. After the training, the Galwians along with their leaders made a massive purchase of Galway products from the Galway Super Store.