Galway Achievement and Promotion Day program organized in Paonta Sahib
Created on 2023-07-28 18:05:32 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

In Galway business, a Galwian should have three things: Recharge, Reward, and Regeneration, also known as the 3R concept. The entire growth of a Galwian's future depends on these three words.

With this objective in mind, an Achievement and Promotion Day was organized in Paonta Sahib, located in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh, on June 8, 2023. On this occasion of celebration, Star GDD Rajesh Kumar Modi, as the chief guest, honored the achievers and boosted their enthusiasm. The honored Galwians include Vikas Kumar, Akshay, Lokesh, Manoj, Sandeep, Ajay, Mithun, Rajesh, and Kamal. Rajesh Kumar Modi honored them with a diary and a pen.

During this event, franchisees Dinesh Chauhan, Deep Narayan, Bhim Singh, Dinesh Tomar, Kanhaiya Lal, Kapil Dev, Rahul Kumar, Sanjay Kumar, Jagdish, Anil Dimri, Aman Mahol, and Akash, among many other Galwians were present.